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Hi guys. I just created an account. (some days ago)
So i finished my first lessons that included 26 radicals. I did my review. The next one is in two hours.
Until then…

How does this work?

Only the first three levels are free? I gathered that somewhere, but actually i never go an explanation from wanikani, an obvious statement, that that was the case…?

So what can i do - i am on a pc, not app :wink:
And what can’t i?

Anything you know about this site, how it works… i basically only know that there are lessons and reviews… so talk to me like i have no clue at all :smiley:

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/thread and every thread like this

Pretty much. Especially since I’m pretty sure WK shoves their FAQ and instructions down your throat when you first join (though I could be misremembering since it’s been a while lol).

Welcome to WaniKani and the boards. The first days might be agonizing if you’re all revved up to learn. Do you know your kana? You could brush up on that while you’re waiting for the next reviews.

I also work on PC, eventually you might want to check out some scripts to enhance your experience.

The first 3 levels are free, should give you a few weeks to see if you like it! To get above 4, you’ll have to choose a subscription.

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Reading the instructions and FAQ would be a good start. They explain everything very thoroughly. :slight_smile:


It’s quite simple: you do your lessons, wait, then you do your reviews. While you wait for new lessons or reviews, you can study other things, like grammar or shadowing pronunciation. That’s it.

The things you can do on a pc or app are exactly the same. I recommend you use some userscripts (check out this). These allow you to do your reviews in whatever order you want (radicals first, kanji first, etc) or add some other functionality to the site.


Did they make 4 free now? Really? That’s news to me.

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Well, to get above 4 you have to pay. It looks like I did say the first 4 levels are free, but ended it by saying to get above 4 you have to pay. Oops! I had already paid though, and am still new, so I got it mixed up. Here’s the email to clarify:

“Unfortunately, this is the point where I let you know that in order to continue your progress, you have to become a premium member. Besides access to the rest of the levels (4+)…”

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I used to be against the idea, but the more and more I see these topics, I feel there should be some sort of detailed how-to upon joining, followed by a damn quiz or something to make sure people read it (or just get the point from being forced to eventually pick the right answers)


There just needs to be a little banner (like what appeared when the new forums launched) that says “New to Wanikani? Finished all your lessons and wondering what to do? Click here!” and it can link to the faq or something idk

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But what’s a premium acc tho? .°(ಗдಗ。)°.

On your WaniKani Dashboard, at the top right, click Menu>Subscription. That’s a premium account.

You don’t need to buy one until you reach level 4 and want to progress further. So wait until you get there before spending your money (plus to make sure you’re willing to stick it out)

I recall a giant window at the top of my dashboard showing information on what to do including “Read the FAQ” when I first joined, and I think it stayed until I paid for the first month. But some people don’t see it or want to read the FAQ regardless… Place I work at sends an email with detailed instructions on what to do for payroll year end, people will call up and ask to be told what to do. They’re pretty much just read the email instructions.


I am not sure, if anybody does read this… but at some point i must say, sorry but with all the information they give on start - you basically have no overlook on things. Read faq? Fine. But if it’s a faq that does not disclose important information right from the start - how am I to understand it?

I am making no excuse for myself not heaving read it - i have read it now and do not feel much brighter because i already forgot everything again. It’s too much.

So… why am I writing an experienced community? Because you guys have it down. You know basically what is important and what not. Some of you are like - why should i help you, and i agree - you don’t need to.
Thank you for all that did send a crump of information.

Well. To be honest… I found the wanikani name in some article… then looked it up. There was only a registration button… and basically anything that gave information was as complex as chinese history.
I can’t get that much information in my brain - even if i want to. So if you ask what would be necessary… i suggest - you suggest important information right at the front of the faq.

Like: Hey … First three or four levels are free - then we offer a subscription if you are satisfied with our content.

No such Roadsign anywhere. Second… they did explain… IN LATER MAILS (that i had NO IDEA - would reach me about now) how it comes that everything seems slow and why that is.

Again… important. Second. I would really like some short sentence instead of a whole village of instructions… i know - you can still have that village… but i just get lost.

Blame it on my attention span. But some stuff should be made for the consumer and not for the intellectual. My kudos to all those that managed that.

I was really looking for roadsigns… because i am still confused. Now thanks to you guys i have some. Also some ideas about whats missing here. :slight_smile:

As someone who has gotten friends into it, I will agree somewhat. WaniKani could greatly benefit from having some “Tutorial” levels that guide you through how the whole input system works, what you should be focusing on most and reminding you why you have to wait.

I had to explain those things to my friend since they didn’t understand and it took them a while to grasp the system, especially since it’s going to take you the better part of a week at least to experience all aspects of the system, as learning the Radicals at the start barely scratches the surface, and then subsequently confuses a new user when kanji get thrown in.

But still, at the end of the day, all you have to do is stick it out… Trial and error, you will learn.

It’s not like the FAQ is in the form of a movie at double speed that only plays once. It’s a text document you can search and read at your leisure when you have questions.

Additionally, there’s a search bar at the top of the forum, and it’s highly improbable any newbie is going to ask a new question at this point.

Granted, it’s fine to ask the question in a new thread, you’re not breaking any rules… but it’s also all there if you just take a moment to use the resources. WaniKani is far from the most confusing interface I’ve seen for Japanese resources.

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