Help On Japanese Resources and Studying

You probably already familiar with this on the WK forums, but please browse through some of these resources aggregated by many users of WK (here).

As for your original plan, I think that depending on why you’re studying Japanese, what you should focus on will vary. I’m not too familiar with Bunpro, but I don’t think it would replace a Japanese text book. Based on how it was created, it seemed to be a tool to help cement what one has learned using SRS. Additionally I don’t think it’s really wise to limit yourself to so few resources because there’s no one resource that is comprehensive of the all the points you’d would ever encounter in Japanese. I’m pretty sure you feel this way too, which is the reason why you’re asking. I think you need to search around find some resources whose content and presentation really resonate with you. And continue to add resources when you encounter concepts that your current resources don’t cover. Little by little the field of resources cover a large amount of material, not to mention they provide multiple ways of explaining and defining concepts that you’ve learned in the past. Reviewing those concepts only provides depth to your knowledge and gives you a solid mastery.