Struggling to find good grammar resources

Hi. I’ve been trying to learn japanese at home for a while, and ideally want to do it as cheap as I can. I started with a memrise course for JLPT5 (which it turns out I’ve forgotten most of) and somehow wound up here. I’ve been learning kanji great, but I’m struggling to find good grammar resources. I’ve struggled with finding ones on things like memrise or anki (though I suspect memrise isn’t actually great for long term memory) and not had much luck with things like Tai Kim or TextFugu (really pretentious textfugu by the way, doesn’t shut up about how it’s ‘different’ rather than just teaching, takes forever) Any advice? Ideally something similar to wanikani since the format works perfect for me, textbooks tend to just leave you to figure out practice for yourself which I’m not great with, not ruling it out though.

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GOD DAMN IT! I’m sorry, immediately after making this I found another post showing bunpro which seems like exactly what I want, and I don’t know how to delete this post… sod.


It’s a relatively new thing, and they are still adding more content and working out bugs, but why don’t you try this:

Also, there’s this:


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I mean…even without bunpro, there have been countless threads about good resources (not to mention the Ultimate Resources thread) not only here on WK but just out there on the internet. I wouldn’t believe anyone who used the word “struggle” when it comes to finding decent EN->JP resources. Sure, you may have to go through a few before you find one that really sticks with you, but don’t keep your standards too high, especially with free resources. You have to consider that part of the problem may be that learning a language is just hard, no matter what you’re using to help. Good luck.


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I use almost exclusively when I need to research specific grammar points.

OP claims TextFugu is pretentious on the WaniKani forums. Obviously, you can like WaniKani and not TextFugu but I was like “Holy Salt!”.

TextFugu is pretty cool. After the free trial chapters there is less of Koichi promising the text is different because you have passed the pay gate and he is then just bringing the different forth. Also, it is good different. As explained in all that pretentious explanatory text, TextFugu is aimed a self-learners and so caters more to that circumstance than a classroom like a traditional textbook.And having shopped around for text books and also having spent some time self learning with Genki, I can (pretentiously apparently) affirm that TextFugu is, in fact, different from a traditional style textbook.

(Disclaimer because text is ambiguous. I am using the sarcasm now. Please be aware and wary, dudes.) How dare TextFugu try to innovate and make their product stand out among others like it and then make positive claims about it in trying to sell their product. The arrogance!!!

I actually did have a pretty hard time finding it. Most things I’d find would recommend the same things that didn’t really work for me. I hadn’t thought of looking in the wanikani forums and the ONE TIME I didn’t check if it had been asked and answered well it had been… plenty of times. Pretty obvious in hindsight but oh well.

TextFugu is pretentious for leaving:

“Always Getting Updates (aka Not A Doorstop)
Although your paper textbook has the ability to gain dust, online textbooks can gain updates. We’re always working to put out new content. There’s new lessons, kanji, and content being added all the time, meaning that it can grow with you. Currently TextFugu has lessons taking you from zero to ‘intermediate.’ In the future we will be adding ‘advanced’ and beyond.”

on their homepage years after the textbook as been dead and after scrapping EtoEto completely once already.

Wanikani is good, Tofugu is good…but for whatever reason Textfugu just can’t be honest.

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