Help me find me beloved grammar site!

Greetings!I am sitting here in depression thinking “How dumb I was not to stick close to her!”.The thing is,11 lessons ago I,young and inexperienced,betrayed expectations of her.”Kanji ins the real thing!”,I thought.She was neglected and my passion was directed at other direction.1-1:30 hours a day I diligently practiced kanji,like a drug-addicted.But here I am,now a grown-up Carigator,and understand how much I was mistaken.I can’t understand a sh** in the sample sentences Wanikani gives me,except some very basic constructions and kanji themselves.I faced the reality.
I tried to grab the past,rummaging through my files,where I could of left her address,but she was completely gone.My habit betrayed me and I couldn’t find a clue.
Help me find my grammar site!I can only leave you everything I know about her
Help young Carbihator find the site!He only remebers that it collected all the grammar resources(from Kim’s guide,Genki,ect.) And had similar to Wanikani system:reviews of grammar,some additional info,links at different resources.
+5 Karma,like and personal respect of the youth.
P.S.-would appreciate if you could also advice some other resources.I would like to start reading at Japanese,but don’t really understand the grammar



Any of those ring a bell?


Bunpro it was!Many thanks!Welp,it was pretty easy
But still would appreciate any advice about Japanese grammar study from more expirienced users


The youtube channel KawaJappa CureDolly was great for me. The audio can be grating, but there are full subs available, and for me personally, it was absolutely invaluable to get important basics down.

Going through CureDolly stuff first, and then going hard on BunPro has helped me enormously to make progress with grammar, while I first was despairing on how I’d ever get the hang of it.

Hope you find stuff that works for you!


I’d recommend Bunpro and Japanese Ammo with Misa. She has a lot of videos for beginners up on youtube and I really like her.

This is a playlist she has and you can follow that order to learn.


Curious to see if people can figure it out.

Personally I have no idea… no grammar resources I’ve looked at have ever mentioned WaniKani apart from some youtubers…

As for me, I’ve been liking imabi more than other sites recently. It seemed too complex and verbose when I first started but now I can kind of appreciate the more in-depth points in there.


Would you recommend Imabi as a starting point? So many resources are available that I feel super indecisive. Just like OP, I haven’t really started on any form of constructive grammar study.

Hard to say because I’m myself just around 2 months into this whole learning Japanese thing.
I’ve been advised to spent fairly little time on learning grammar and more on just immersing myself in listening to the language.

I mention imabi because it has by far the most detailed descriptions of grammar that I’ve come across.
But then since consciously learning grammar isn’t all that important I guess it doesn’t matter, I was just taken by the depth of that site compared to most others.

tbh I spend quite a bit of time just lazyly listening to youtube videos (particularly the Japanese from Zero series) lol

oh and I’m in a language class and they are slooowly working through the Genki I textbook.

So I say try out a few sources and pick what you like best. Tae Kim seems to be the most recommended source though since it’s been there forever and is free.


Intermittent space bar malfunction?

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I wouldn’t start with Imabi as it can be kinda complicated to wrap your head around with no prior knowledge. It’s a good supplement though. Tae Kim is a lot more beginner-accessible imo, but there’s a ton of beginner grammar resources out there. If you’re really indecisive and overwhelmed by choice, you can always start with Genki and add other resources from there.


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