Help Identifying Kanji!


Does anyone know the meaning of this kanji?

I have been having some trouble identifying it.

Here is it is.


歳 (age, year, years old)


Jisho has a great way to search kanji by means of selecting the radicals it is made up of, if you run into a similar problem in the future.

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It isn’t really that obfuscated. You should try Google Translate App with your mobile phone camera.

I didn’t see a “What’s this Kanji?” general thread, so hopefully it’s ok to piggyback off this thread.

I’m having a really hard time figuring out what this kanji is supposed to be. I see a wing, a barb, and maybe a rice paddy radical, but I can’t find this kanji in any dictionary.

The word means “defeat” or something similar, this is a you killed the boss message in a game from 1987. There’s been some other odd kanji use as well, like using 街 instead of 町.



It’s kind of hard to see from how the pixels touch each other, but it’s like this. From the full context it would be easy to tell, I think, because you understood the meaning.


Both are read まち, but they have different nuances, so I wouldn’t consider it strange


I hadn’t seen it before, but that comes down to my own inexperience I suppose.

Your edit completely answers my question. The way they were blurring together threw me off.

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Ah, yeah, you can see it in the definitions here


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It must be one of those kanji that I used to know but forgot. I’m not sure how I thought 街 was something new. Regardless, thank you very much for your help.

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But WK doesn’t teach the まち reading, so that’s a new one on me too. :wink:

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