Hello! My lessons don't update

Hello! I am new on this software and it seems great. However, I still did not get used to the next step. There is no kanjis , only radicals, and the system doesn’t allow me to progress into the radicals. I am doing something wrong, can someone help me?

That’s how SRS works. You get new lessons when you guru radicals and kanji, which takes a few review sessions. The basic concept of SRS is that you have to wait between reviews. Yes, the start is slow since you only have the few items, but you’ll get more reviews soon enough. You’ll have to review the first 26 radicals a few times before getting the first kanji.

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As well as reading the FAQs that DaisukeJigen as given you a link to, this is also very useful: What is WaniKani? | WaniKani Knowledge

I read both of them a few times each in the first couple of weeks to get my head around how this is all supposed to work.

Best of luck


Thank you for all replies. It has been almost a week since I began, and the system quite pissed me off in the begging. I am not a totally beginner in Japanese language, but it took me some time to catch the proposed idea of this app. It turned out that it is very efficient and addictive. Thank you.
I would only suggest that you create a real app and that maybe verify new user’s previous skill levels ( I know it is difficult because you invented your own names for the radicals in a way it makes easier for the mnemonics, but it would make the life of the newscomers much better. Thank you

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