Hello! Just a random question

I was wondering… what has been the hardest Kanji for all of you to learn?


dunno why, i just wouldn’t stick. it does now, after i drilled it like crazy for a day or so. never had a problem with that anymore, but it’s still on my wall of shame.

interestingly, 票 is now a problem child in lvl 25. funny. it’s the same thing, without the tree to the left. now that i’ve seen it, i hopefully can’t unsee it.


When I was first learning kanji it took me more than a month of constant writing to memorize how to write 教 ^^


That would have to be Taito 1.svg or Biáng.svg

Actually I haven’t attempted to learn either of those, and there’s no reason to, they’re only interesting because they are the two highest stroke count kanji


These aren’t too difficult, but I’m on level 12 at the moment and have been getting these mixed up:

終・線 相・祖


定 will always be on my most missed list :(.

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For some reason this was pretty easy for me to remember. The mnemonic I used for this was spelling ‘determine’ as ‘deteirmine’, as the 音読み reading is ‘てい’. Nothing too special, just a way I tackle some kanji.

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The ones that look alike drive me the most crazy. My mind seems to constantly gloss over details. Examples: 矢、失 . So many kanji look alike to my Western eyes. :confused:


The vocab words 外れ and 外れる are infinitely annoying to me, because the definitions seemed very abstract and I just wasn’t familiar with them. But then I missed 外れ in a review session. When I looked it up, I realized “miss” is one of the meanings and laughed. That’s what ultimately helped me remember it though, so whatever works, I guess! lol

傲 versus 倣, 優 versus 憂, and 抗 (by itself) were my worst leeches before joining WK.
Since I got here, I haven’t had problems though :slight_smile:

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All of the ones with short o’s on the end. Right now it’s 去 (failed six times since I “learned” it)


Lol, as dumb as it might sound, 少 just would not stick with me for the longest time… then one day, I found that I just sort of managed to figure it out. I think that happens to a lot of kanji I have trouble with- I’ll just review it one day and it’ll stick all of the sudden so, :man_shrugging:


I get these mixed up all the time!

痢 It just wouldn’t solidify.



:expressionless: :roll_eyes:


Just wanted to say that I know it was a shit joke. karenshrug


seriously, some just won’t stick for no good reason. even if they’re not apparently difficult, there’s something that prevents them from being memorized.

wonder if there’s a known cause for that, and maybe a known cure

But the pile of graves is in LITTLE Kyoto with a little vowel!

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I don’t understand because 祖 is level 32…

Same thing for me :wink: