Vocab takes so long!

Heya guys!

sorry for the long break! finally broke level 5!!

I have found that it doesn’t take me too long to finish the kanji from the level, but then it takes me ages, sometimes weeks, to finish the vocab lessons!

this means my lessons have pilled up and I have 100 to do, all of which are likely vocab from the last level :frowning:

its so discouraging to see all these new kanji and radicals which aren’t showing up yet while i practice ‘to see’ for the 100th time XD

hope ur all having a great day! is anyone else struggling with this like me? :frowning:

love you all <3


Congrats on leveling up! :blush: (and I hope you had a great day!)

That’s really interesting to me because I have the exact opposite problem :sweat_smile: It takes me what feels like forever to memorize the kanji readings, but once I do, the vocab goes pretty smoothly. I still have my leeches, but yknow. For me it’s easier to use mnemonics based on the kanji for the vocab than it is to use mnemonics based off the radicals for the kanji.


(i did thank you!)
hmm that’s so interesting! I almost always remember the kanji, as when i see it I only have to remember it!
but i always forget which hiragana the vocab uses after it, so like… if its a verb is it るうく etc, which means I have to use KaniWani as well :frowning:

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Ah yeah I’ve been getting into using kaniwani as well, I find it useful to translate backwards from the hiragana.
Maybe it helps that I already know some of the vocabulary so its easier to remember? Whereas I don’t really know many individual kanji… I imagine it’ll get harder as I level up though.

It might be that you’re still learning how you learn specifically, the English definitions are unclear in your mind, or the mnemonics aren’t working for you.

All I can recommend is creating your own mnemonics and using self-study quiz to squash what turtles still want to live.

Good luck!

I’m in a similar place to you, currently slogging through level 5. And yeah the vocab takes forever. Its a real pain in the motivation but I’ve noticed my ability to recognize the meanings of words is increasing at a great rate of knots. Whereas before, learning kanji solo, it was a case of ‘kanji in; kanji out’. So yeah it sucks… but without context to reinforce the multiple readings and uses of the kanji in compounds you’d probably just end up just forgetting them and learning them over and over going nowhere slowly like I’ve been doing for 10 years.

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Do you do any grammar studies? Because the vocab words and their construction will make so much more sense with them…
If you look around in the forums, there are a few threads with good recommendations for study materials.