Haven't skipped one day of reviews. Still I saw this today

How many lessons do you do a day (if once a day)?

I usually have around an 80-85% accuracy level and generally keep an apprentice level of nearly 200. Contrary to what most people here seem to imply this should be normal. On the forums everyone seems to be rocking 90-95% accuracy rates which means they either already know the material or they are using scripts to manipulate the srs in a way that makes it possible.

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Not really. I usually get ~95% with neither of those things. I suppose it depends on the person, or maybe what you do during lessons and reviews?
Typically I write everything down, that might help.

No. It depends on the person. Some are better at memorizing than others. I am at about 89%, I think. Quite unbecoming to suggest that people who do well either know the stuff already or cheat the system…
There are very efficient ways to level up fairly quickly and maintain low work loads as long as accuracy is not too low. For starters, scale the number of lessons you do with your accuracy. If x is the baseline, but your accuracy is below y, do less than x lessons per day.

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It’s not really a suggestion. Cheating has a negative connotation, but since this is self learning I would prefer to call it manipulation of the srs. It doesn’t matter how good your memory is no one would be leveling up in 7-8 days without circumventing the srs design in some way. The whole system is designed around forcing your brain to recall information that has not been integrated into your mind yet. Some people write things down, use kaniwani, or review things before their wanikani reviews come up. The kind of perfect recall that’s implied by a lot of these posts does not exist in a classroom setting outside of extraordinary individuals that are too rare to be relevant.

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The best is when you finish that +200 review and BAM, you level up and have 50+ new lessons.

The “More reviews have stacked on” while you were reviewing aren’t as bad and getting a bunch of new lessons.

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I haven’t done review for a while so I got even higher.
So to make it more managable plus I could memorize them properly, I only review 10% of the total numbers. This does not include lessons.
I will go for new lessons only when the I got less than 50 orless than 10 reviews. Haha

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I’m not sure I understand what you mean. How does writing it down circumvent the SRS? What I mean by writing it down is that whenever I have a lesson, I look up the stroke order and write the kanji in a notebook. Then if I have time, I write everything again come review time.

Either way, 7 day levels are perfectly doable if you pay careful attention during lessons and watch your reviews. The SRS system is designed to catch things that slip, but it doesn’t mean everything will necessarily slip from your memory.

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