Happiness Week 9 - Absolute Beginner Book Club

Happiness Book Club - Week 9

Chapter 5

Start Date: April 30th
Last week: Week 8
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We’re reading volume 1 of this manga as part of the Absolute Beginner Book Club.

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Soo I was taking this thread as a cue to read this weeks part. But I think there was some kind of mixup.
In the homethread the pagecount says 11 but it says pages 159-189 which are 30 pages.

Either this is a really big chapter for this week or you are missing one more week @Micki

The plan is the whole of chapter 5 this week. It’s roughly equivalent to 11 pages of dialogue. There are lots of parts without any text.


Okay then I got it. Soo I finished. Bit anticlimactic in my book. Though my wild speculation from last week came half true at least.
I don’t think I’ll continue since it seems to develop really slowly and just doesn’t seem to hook me.

The only redeeming quality is the art. The image where he pounces on the leader quy was great again!


The last poll has a typo, it’s missing the “first” in the first option

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Thanks to @Micki for organizing the club, and to everyone who contributed to the vocab lists and asked or answered questions, I love reading along with you guys even though I’m not usually very active in threads. :slight_smile:

I agree with @downtimes that the ending was a bit anticlimactic. I get that it was the big reveal that he’s starting to develop some cool vampire-y powers, but found it a little weird that nothing more substantial happened as a result of it.
But I’m intrigued enough to carry on with the series. I want to find out what happens next, and I already own the next few volumes :slight_smile:
Plus the art is really lovely!


Oof, I barely understood what anyone was saying at the start of the chapter. Gonna wait until someone posts their translation, hahaha.


@davepirat Here you go :stuck_out_tongue:

Welp, had fun, time to end this book club, init

My final translation (until the offshoot bc starts)


Talking about… what exactly?

What’s wrong with you?


Because of you
Yuuki went crazy


Because of you hitting Yuuki
He won’t talk to me at all

The upper year students, his friends… they started making fun of Yuuki
He changed his attitude toward me (?)
Have you seen him there? (Liberal translation)
Yuuki… didn’t say anything to those guys kicking him


What’s wrong with you?

Come with me
We’re stopping those bastards (bad idea imho)




Whatever you say…

I know… hitting him… was bad
But… I didn’t hit him for the sake of hitting him

There’s a lot of things going on with me right now
Stopping them… I don’t know how to do that

Won’t you…


I see…

I’m sorry




They aren’t here?

Where are they then? (liberal translation)
Maybe they took him with them

Let’s look for them!



Man, these people stand around all they kicking someone’s shin, then when they get bored, they change the scene and kick someone’s shin there, what a life.


What were you saying?

You talk so much usually



He spoke!

You kick him too
Are you serious?

What should we do… Yuuki…

I’m not sure what to do
There’s… 3 of them


Alright, I’ll be doing it

What you staring for?


Ah… uh… ah
Ahahahahahaha, did that hurt?


You’re next



Where should I hit him



Got it (liberal translation)
I’ll go with the same place

Will you be the same?

I’m… different


Let’s do it


What the…


Give him a break already

Give him a break…


Get out of my way!


Oi, you, hold him down!


Wha… What’s with you bastard?
Su… such a bother

I’m tired
Let’s go


Wha… wait a second




Are you ok, Yuuki?

Are you ok?

Yuuki! (This girl has two lines she keeps repeating)


Yuuki, wait!

My questions


What is コロ doing here? I assume it’s “toward”, but I could be wrong

My thoughts

Interesting how this ended. I would’ve thought that we would get to see a bit more of his vampire stuff. But tbh this volume was mostly about setting up the (honestly incredibly uncomfortable) scenario. Some scenes were straight up Junji Ito-ish. If there will be an offshoot club of this, I will probably join in. All in all, not a hard read, this chapter was probably the most difficult, but it was still mostly fine, though my translation is probably quite shaky.


All done!! Yay!! Thank you to everyone for making my very first book club experience super fun!! I totally didn’t understand a ton of it but I learned a LOT and that made this soo worth it. Can’t wait for the next book club! :partying_face:

Super special thanks to @Micki for organizing everything :smiley:


vol 1 is maybe a bit slow as the story and characters are introduced but in vol 2 it explodes if I remember correctly. lot more stuff going on there.


Annnnd we’re done! This was my first book club experience and I want to thank everyone for the amazing journey!

The panel where Okazaki leaped into the air was absolutely amazing. Although I’m a little confused: did he lose himself for a moment or was he fully aware of what he was doing when he launched himself towards the gang? His eyes before he jumped almost seem like he knows what he’s doing so did he just decide to become a badass in that split second?

Also, they made it seem like Yuuki returned very quickly with a drink after he left but clearly the surrounding has no visible vending machines so I don’t believe it was quick. How long did Okazaki and Nao actually sat/stood in the same position in awkward silence? :joy:

That was indeed an unusually chill ending to the volume.


Oh yeah the ending was a little muted but I’d totally be up for a offshoot book club because I really enjoyed this manga overall and I want to see where it goes!


I’m totally with you on the offshoot book club!

Maybe even like one chapter per week? Because the plot develops quite slowly and many panels just contain no text at all. For me this week with a full chapter was completely possible.

Thanks everyone for being such a delightful book club. And also thanks @Micki for organizing everything.

Although the ending was a bit unsatisfying as some have already said I really enjoyed the journey. All in all it was a great experience for me reading my first Japanese book together with you guys :smiling_face:


Thank you all so much. You’ve made the experience of reading (looking up lots of stuff) a manga in Japanese, an enjoyable experience. Vocab list, other peoples translations, Q&A, has helped my understanding tremendously. Really looking forward to Vol 2. :pray:


So I have finished the book now and along with it finished my first book club! :sparkles:

It was an interesting read for a book I probably wouldn’t have chosen on my own.

I am a little unsure why the girl blamed the main character for the change in Yuki? Like she really didn’t feel bad that he was being bullied this whole time? I get that she probably really likes Yuki and just wanted help for him, but come on.
The scene where he jumped up in the air and attacked them was interesting. I wonder if Shiraishi-san noticed it or if she’ll say something about it later.
But it was nice to see that he still chose to help Yuki in the end and seems to have made the resolution that he will be different from the vampire that bit him.

Overall, I did think the book was a little too slow paced for me. The progression of the story along with the level/amount of the Japanese written. I probably could have finished this entire book in under an hour.

But if an offshoot book club continues, I would probably be likely to join! Even though it was an easy read for me, I did learn a few new words and I would like to see where the story goes. Reading along with others and seeing their thoughts and questions also makes it more fun and more likely for me to set aside time to read. The completionist in me also wants to finish the whole series :joy:


I’m not quite sure about this sentence. My guess was that コロ is 頃/ころ - (approximate) time; around; about; toward​.


コロ - around that time
って - essentially acting like は/topic marker
態度 - attitude
変え - masu stem of 変える - to change
やがって - suffix, indicates disdain or contempt

Around that time his attitude changed…

Technically the phrase ends with a connective and then an ellipsis so we don’t know the tense of the verb without the rest of the sentence, but from context we know it’s the past.


Ahh, I was finally able to catch up and finish the book! I was super busy last week so I couldn’t participate in the thread. Congrats to all of us who are finishing a book for the first time! :confetti_ball: I really enjoyed this little journey with everyone, and would definitely join an offshoot club for the next volume. I wouldn’t say this is 100 % my thing, but it’s great reading practice and I enjoy the art.

I thought the ending was alright, honestly. There’s bound to be way more action later, and it warmed my heart that Okazaki was able to do some good. Maybe I missed something while reading, but I don’t understand why the girl insisted on making Okazaki help her. Even if she felt he was to blame for Yuuki’s predicament, why would she assume he could do something about it? He’s only ever punched someone once, lol. Also why not hide and call the police? Oh well!


やったー! I’ve read a whole work in Japanese!

Before I got to this week’s chapter, I was ready to come along and say “I guess no one’s posting that many questions because we can all easy read it by this point, right?” Alas, parts of this chapter were quite a challenge:

  • pg 161: ユーキがおかしくなっちゃったんだけど - the ちゃった part which “indicates completion” is new to me.
  • pg 162: 何も言えず looking this up, it’s the potential negative, so does this mean Yuuki is unable to say anything [to those guys]?
  • pg 164: 止めろってそんなのどうやっていいかわかんないし - without plugging it into ichi.moe, I would have assumed 止めろって was some yet-unknown verb form, rather than 止めろ plus the quoation って. Even with that, I can’t really parse this sentence at all :sweat_smile:

But those aside, I’m finding most things a lot more readable now than when I started. Thank you to everyone who’s been answering questions and filling in the vocab sheet!


While “indicate completion” is usually listed as the main meaning for しまう, my impression is that it’s more often used in the sense of something that has happened and is regretful. おかしくなっちゃった would imply that Shiraishi finds this change in Yuuki as something she finds regrettable and/or negative.

That’s my understanding too. Literally it says “without being able to say anything”.

My breakdown

止めろ => Stop (from context, stop them, the ones bullying Yuuki)
止めろって… => って is the quotation particle, so this would be ’ You say “Stop them” ’

そんなの => that kind of thing
どう => how, in what way
やって => the て-form of やる.
いい => good
か => question particle.

そんなのどうやっていいか => what would be a good way to do that kind of thing?

わかんない => not know
し => auxiliar particle used when listing reasons.

Fitting all these together:

" ‘Stop them’ you say? I don’t know what would be a good way to do that "


I actually really enjoyed this book and took some delight in seeing Yuuki get some pain after how he was bullying Okazaki. Overall this felt MUCH easier than the last book in the book club, Mitsuboshi Colors.

Looking forward to reading more of this with those who want to keep going.

Thank you to Micki and everyone who answered questions and helped me read this!