Happiness Week 6 - Absolute Beginners Book Club

Happiness Book Club - Week 6

Chapter 3 (part 2) ・ Pages 112-128

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We’re reading volume 1 of this manga as part of the Absolute Beginner Book Club.

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This week was super weird. I think I’ll have to let it sink in a little.Not sure where the story is going???
Also a bit said that 葛藤 the chapter’s title only was referencing his internal struggle and not some kind of external conflict :confused:

One thing that he said kinda tripped me up. I have no idea what it should mean or is indicating. Left it with a remark in the vocab sheet for now. It’s not relevant for comprehending the story though.


I think I read it right… I got to the dialogue near the end of the chapter, and went ‘wait…what?’.
Not what I’d expected her to say!

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Might be a muffled (たす)けて ? I mean たふけへ is at least a tiny little bit close? But not sure.


Can someone help me out on p. 127?

Where she says そんなに我慢できないほどに興奮しちゃったんすか?
I cannot wrap my head around this sentence. I know it’s in the ball park of “woosp, did you lack restraint and do an arousal?”, but like…what am I looking at?
[So][can’t self-control][extent][got excited][request for explanation]?
What am I missing in order to form a non-stilted working translation here? Maybe like, “Did you get so excited you just couldn’t help yourself?”

Also her utter lack of facial expression is throwing me. Is she being cold/mean in a “that was pathetic” sense? Is she amused? Offended?
Followed by a casual introduction, an “aight, u good?” and no follow up.


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My understanding of the sentence


そんなに is an adverb, usually meaning something along the lines of “so much”.
我慢 => to hold back or restrain
できない => the negative of できる, to be able to.
ほど => degree

Up to this point we have ilterally “The degree that (you) couldn’t hold back”

After ほど we have the に particle, that marks this “degree” as the target of the verb in the rest of the sentence.

そんなに我慢できないほどに => to the degree that you couldn’t hold back.

興奮 => Excited / Aroused
しちゃった => the very informal abbreviation of “してしまった” where しまう works as an auxiliar verb denoting that the action is something regretful.
んすか => Very informal abbreviation of のですか, where this is our good old friend explication-tone の, and か is the interrogative particule.

“Were you so (regrettably) aroused/excited to the point of not being able to hold back?”

In other words, this girl is misunderstanding and thinking that Makoto was so excited he almost lost control and sexually assaulted her.

As someone who has read Aku no Hana by the same author, I’m not surprised by having a girl with a strange mindset in this manga, I have to say…


Ok I give up. HOW do you use the hide/blur tags? In the header for the club where it says to hide/blur stuff “like this”…it really should show the tags to put in to do it.

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Blurring is [ spoiler ] and [ /spoiler ] (without the spaces) but they can’t be on the same line as text or they won’t work for some reason.

Ahh! THANK YOU. The same line was definitely the problem!

Oops this was supposed to be a reply to Jazz Funeral! But I already deleted two posts trying to sort out the spoiler tag, LOL, so I’ll leave it here.

On page 127, the zinger is:

Deepl gives:
“Are you that excited to hold back?"

I had figured it to mean that she knows that he is fighting the desire to taste blood. I’m guessing she is the one that attacked him…?

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I think she is mistaking his “advances” as sexual harassment.
Edit: ohh, I didn’t think of it like perhaps she knows something. In that case, I don’t know.

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hmmmm it doesn't seem so to me

While I find Deepl helpful in some cases, I don’t think it’s reliable. It might hint you in the right direction, but I feel it’s only useful if after seeing the Deepl translation you can figure out why. Also, it seems to give different results to different users for some reason - I get a different translation:

That’s an interesting point of view. I haven’t read ahead, but somehow they don’t seem to look alike to me. The vampire girl has somewhat long hair, and seems to care little for her appearance, and seems to live wildly on the streets or something along those lines. This girl has short hair and mild-mannered, and unless this is some sort of vampiric power, I can’t imagine the transformation.

I mean, maybe she knows about vampires and actually realizes what’s going on, and indeed she means 興奮 in that sense - but I have a harder time believing she’s the attacker.

EDIT - Also, she tries to take him to the Infirmary - that makes very little sense if she actually knew what was going on. You’d think she’d offer him blood or something, not a visit to the nurse.


I wasn’t sure what had happened on page 122. At first I thought he’d collapsed on her. The sound effect is ぎゃっ. Jaded network lists the meanings for ぎゃ as ack!!, grab and shriek. So I thought this might mean grab, and suggesting that she grabs him and pulls him towards her rather than him collapsing on her.

Regarding the girl I felt that she interpreted his advances as sexual (we know how horny he is in chapter 1!). I’m not sure whether she genuinely is interested in his advances or if he’s developing some irresistible sexual force as he becomes a vampire. But I like the idea that she might understand he’s a vampire and is drawn towards being bitten!

You can edit your post if you’re not happy with it by clicking the pen icon under the post. Another way of making spoiler tags is clicking the icon that looks like a cog wheel while you are typing and selecting “blur spoiler”.


You read the sound effect wrong. It’s ぎゅっ

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My translation for this week



Are you alright?


What happened?

Should I take you…
to the nurse’s office?

It’s fine
Leave me… alone… please


I’m taking you
To the nurses office





So… So…
I’m so sorry

I… such a violent…
I’m really uhm…


What’s with you?


Did I excite you so much that you couldn’t resist?


Who are you? (lit. who are you from which year’s which class, man, that’s a compact question)

First year, class three, Okazaki Makoto

Anyways, are you alright?


I’m first year, class 1, Goshu Yukiko


Not sure what that っす at the end of 大丈夫 could be, it gets repeated somewhat on 115, a speech pattern?
Reading further, it seems to be the speech pattern for her.

What is that たふけへ about? Is it just a sound effect of sorts?

@Micki you sure about the page 112-130 part? Seems like this chapter ends on 128 and 130 is the beginning of the next chapter

Yeah, checked the home thread even, it lists the next week as 129-… and this one as ending on 130, which doesn’t make sense, so probably a typo

Overall not a very text heavy chapter (I think besides week 1, this is sofar true for the entirety of the manga)


It’s a colloqial form of です. The de is swallowed/not pronounced strongly. In the next view sentences she omits the で completely. I mostly see it in male speakers though.

I asked the same question and really liked @sumsum answer Happiness Week 6 - Absolute Beginners Book Club - #4 by sumsum


So it is! Good spot!


It was very tempting when creating the schedule just to read a chapter a week, but I felt it was better to slow it down a bit to a chapter every two weeks to be at absolute beginner pace. It is hard finding a suitable split point for the chapters, there are some uneven splits but hopefully the split points are appropriate story wise. Chapter 5 I’ve scheduled to read all in one week at the end.


I’m not complaining, it’s much easier to keep up with this and BBC and the same time this way, while also translating this one.

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I was also stumped by the たふけへ at page 121. Google shows a few results for it,
all of them in blog posts / fanfictions / tweets. Judging from the ones I looked at, the
hypothesis it’s a muffled 助けて seems convincing. A couple examples, here:


and in this tweet is used as “誰かたふけへ…。。。”:



What’s funny is I basically just gave up the BBC for this exact reason. A chapter a week of Yoru Cafe is way too much for me. Ironically, I can easily keep up with this ABBC. One is too easy and the other is too hard. :weary: