Happiness Week 7 - Absolute Beginners Book Club

Happiness Book Club - Week 7

Chapter 4 (part 1) ・ Pages 129-140

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We’re reading volume 1 of this manga as part of the Absolute Beginner Book Club.

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Gosho seems to be interested in Okazagi. Though OP still seems to be a little socially awkward ¯_(ツ)_/¯ But Gosho might suppress his vampire blood thirst because he seems quite normal when he is with her. Maybe she can help him get back to normal? Anyway I hope he tells her about his little problem and they can work together or somethin, would be quite wholesome.

The girl kinda reminds me of Kayo from “Erased” (great anime btw, you should watch it if you haven’t).


I loved erased, though it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it.
Sorry for the offtopic.

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If I’m understanding the exchange on 135-136 correctly, Gosho wants Makoto to thank her. Makoto misunderstands and tries to explain what happened yesterday, but Gosho wants an apology in the form of a drink? So they’re going to meet up at the place they met yesterday during lunch.


I thought that when she asked for thanks she was implying that he give her something as thanks rather than just saying thank you. I see that お礼 can mean “reward” but I think “thanks” is probably a better translation. I came across several example sentences where someone buys someone a drink as a thanks (お礼) including Wanikani example sentence.

He then doesn’t know what to give and ask if he can have a short time to take it home and think about it, and she suggests he can just buy her a drink or something. Not 100% sure I’ve read his “持って帰って…” sentence correctly.


That was my interpretation as well. I feel a bit bad for him. He’s used to being sent on unreasonable errands for others, so he automatically assumes he needs to get her something good. She’s pretty casual about it, though. It’s almost as if she’s trying to make sure they’re “even”.

I’m definitely not 100 % on the grammar either, though. Sometimes it feels like I’m interpreting more based on vibes and context :sweat_smile:


Okazaki is really not doing a very good job communicating with Nunota and that worries me. Could have at least gave a quick explanation that he’s going off to treat a student who helped him yesterday or something. Feels like Nunota will accidentally stumble upon the two of them and hold some grudge against Okazaki for “abandoning” him in some sense. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Also, the last panel with the can of coffee was my favorite panel this week for some weird reason. Maybe cause I’m craving for coffee now, and that can looks good.

That’s such a good observation of his character! I didn’t think of that. I was too busy screaming “Come on Okazaki, SPEAK!” internally cause he was being so choppy and all over the place during that scene :laughing:


I think I got the gist of pages 135~136 (thank heavens for the pictures!);
But, on page 133, Gosho says “よつす” or “よっす”, is this some slang?


It’s よっす and it’s used as a greeting between friends, basically just a way of saying hello. Not easy to look up, here’s a reference of someone asking the question on Hi Native: 【よっす!】とはどういう意味ですか? - 日本語に関する質問 | HiNative


Finally I could get in front of my computer, time to start reading

My translation


if… (liberal translation)
if that happens again…

I might just stop going to school afterall





Ah, what happened yesterday was…
Thank you, truly

Hey, did it go away?
Your horniness


What? Wait a second, it wasn’t like that!
't was a joke.


A thank-you reward
You owe me


Of course
Uhm, what should I…


Can I just… go home and think about it for now?

Just get me something to drink
Eh? Ah… sure… will that be enough?

Well, see you at lunchbreak
Same place as yesterday



It’ll be fine
It’ll be fine

It’ll be fine



Yesterday… were you alright?
Why did you leave so early?

Ah… Nunoka-kun
Sorry for making you worry… I went to the nurse’s office (lit. I lied down at the nurse’s office)

I see
That’s good to hear

Ah, Okazaki-kun
Let’s eat lunch together

We don’t even need to buy bread anymore.
We have a lot of time, huh



Sorry… I’ve already promised to eat with someone (liberal translation)
Sorry… maybe next time



Can’t believe there’s only 2 weeks remaining, definitely an offshoot book club worthy manga, it seems that this volume will be mostly the setup.

Everyone is uncomfortably uneasy. I would definitely feel like I wasn’t wanted somewhere if everyone always went “ah… sure… I… see… yes…” .
I like the girl sofar, she’s great.


Me too! I am worried about this. High school drama at its finest, and sadly one of the “hard” ways to learn about communication in friendship. Nunota has been kind to him in the past, and while Okazaki is definitely going through some serious stuff, you’d think he’d want someone to confide in. Maybe 五所さん will cause some jealousy?

Word. :100: I’m reading on my own and then meeting with my tutor to discuss (and attempt to read aloud, which is one of the hardest things I force myself to do), and the vibes (and pictures!) are totally what give me context. This is my first manga, and I knew the grammar would be more casual and not like what I’ve studied in Genki and elsewhere, but dang… It’s a little rough sometimes. Vibes FTW! :sweat_smile:

Page 139


I interpreted that line like this:

After that, did you leave early?

As in, I think Nonuta has a reason and he’s just asking Okazaki to confirm it.

I can’t believe it either! This manga has gone quickly (so far). It seems like a lot of setup that hasn’t been used yet. Characters like the older brother were only seen once. Maybe there’s no larger story arc there, just a way to introduce what Okazaki’s life is like? Or maybe we’ll get more at the end of this volume or in the next volumes?

I wasn’t originally planning on reading the rest of the series, but I already have the first 3 volumes free on bookwalker, so I’ll probably read along with an offshoot club. :grin:


I know this is a strange question, but does anyone know of any resources for understanding Japanese gestures used in manga and anime like thejadednetwork for SFX? I was wondering what Gosho was doing on pg.134 with the finger gesture:


I mean I get the implication, I was just curious about that gesture and others that I’ve seen in anime.

For anyone else curious, Tofugu has an interesting article on Japanese Body Language and Gestures. I didn’t realize how different counting with your fingers was in Japan than from where I’m from.

BTW: Do not Google for むらむら and finger gestures. Some things can’t be unseen.


Thank you for the “Erased” reference. I have never watched anime, but I started this one and it is almost shockingly solid in storyline and character development. I’m very impressed and hope to find other mystery/drama shows like this one. The Japanese is more than I can handle as an ABBC follower, but I’m surprised at how much I pick up. On a second listen I got way more. I recommend it to other “non-anime people”… give it a try. It’s on crunchyroll.


I enjoyed Erased as well. I watched the live action version which is on Netflix.

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Hah! I didn’t know there was a live action version! I’ll try that when I finish the anime series. Thanks.

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Thanks for watching “Erased”!

To be honest, there aren’t a lot of those kinds of mystery anime out there that have such a high quality, which is kind of sad. But if you would care to try another anime I could also recommend “Steins;Gate” which has also mystery-elements similar to Erased but is more of a typical anime format. Which might be unappealing to you.

Anyway I enjoyed it very much. You can just give it a try and if you don’t like it just stop watching. ; )


Well I’m pretty much caught up. Not sure what I think so far, but at the same time I’ve clearly kept reading enough to get over halfway through. And I think I only started reading on Monday.

Edit: decided I should add a bit more. I am enjoying the story overall, and I like the artwork, particularly the night streets. The thing I’m not keen in are the occasional rather sleazy/ creepy elements, though they seem to be lessening.


五所さん seems like she’s going to be a lot of fun. Has 岡崎くん made a new friend? Will he come out of his shell?

Looking forward to finding out more on the next week of Happiness: where the smiles may or may not mean you’re about to be bitten.

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Is there a way to private message here? I hate to hijack the thread but I wanted to reply to your Stein’s Gate comment. I watched the first episode…HUH? haha. I’m guessing it all comes together so I’ll keep going. No spoilers. I remember a similar feeling when I watched Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Then it turned into one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV. Maybe we should start a thread for these kinds of Anime. To stay on topic I did read ahead in Happiness and I’m pretty sure I’m going to read at least the next couple of volumes.

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