Happiness Volume 1 (Absolute Beginner Book Club)

To add to everything you said, as a beginner I have a slight preference to see the words repeat because either:

  1. I already know the word in which case I just ignore it (minimal cost).
  2. I don’t know the word in which case it is very helpful to have it there so I don’t have to check jisho. Especially if there’s 5 different meanings on jisho and I’m not sure which one.

Already there’s many words that I know that are in the vocab list and that’s good because other readers don’t know them and they should be there for those who need it! We don’t know which words other readers are going to struggle with and since it’s ABBC more words is better.

I’m not yet at a point where I am using the mangas to study/memorize new words. So if there’s a word I don’t know and it repeats from one chapter to another maybe I still won’t know it. I’m not sure how others are using the sheets but I don’t have the habit of checking all of the old chapter sheets to see if the word I want is on an older sheet.

Also I’ll take this moment to thank everyone who has been helping out with the vocab lists. I don’t feel confident enough yet to start reading ahead and adding words to it, thank you to those who are more advanced for the assistance!


In other bookclub’s vocab sheets there would be repeats between sheets, it was only within sheets that duplicates mattered.

I found this super helpful as it meant I could print each week’s sheet in isolation and read books away from a computer.

TL;DR no, not a problem at all.


In case you didn’t see in the ABBC home thread:

First 3 volumes currently available for free on some of these digital sites. Promotion ends on Book Walker on 21st April.
Digital: BOOK☆WALKER | BookLive! | ebookjapan | Kindle


Week 6 is here:


I’ll be joining this ABBC. I’m currently reading graded readers for 1st year students and I’m craving for something with more story and intrigue. I hope to catch up and read the last weeks with everyone else :raised_hands:


Not sure how we reached week 7 so quickly! Three weeks to go to finish this manga volume!


Accidentally read the whole ハピネス Pt.1 Manga in one go. Ups…

But despite that: The story is great, the characters too and even though I can’t understand every single thing I still have a good grasp of what is happening thanks to my over 1 year study of Japanese and the help of very well drawn images. This is the first manga I really enjoy!


So despite being overwhelmingly busy from work and still recovering from jet lag I randomly bought the 3 free volumes on Bookwalker and have got to the end of the first week’s reading. My first manga so going a bit slowly. But I’m going to try to catch up before you reach the end! Though I will keep focusing on 夜カフェ as I’m on schedule with that.

Edit: um 30 minutes later I appear to have finished week 2’s reading. Though I do need to go over a couple of bits.


Good morning/ evening everyone fellow japanese learners and professors,

I have a question. I’d like to join the book club and buy the paper edition of this comic.
I’m a bit late, I know…
Does anyone know if and where I can buy it in the UE or UK with UE shipping? I looked for something on amazon but couldnt find anything :tired_face:

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I order nearly everything (too much in comparison of what i can understand) on verasia.
Happiness is not actually on the site but there is an email on the contact page where you can ask for it. Surely a little longer but it can be an option if don’t find it somewhere else.
And if the book club continue on the next volumes you will have time to catch up.


I don’t know if I’ll be able to get happines but this site is useful for sure, thanks!

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Second hand editions from Manga republic or Amazon were the main places I think people got physical copies from. I did see on eBay as a set of ten if you wanted to buy all ten volumes!


Doesn anyone knows the ISBN of the first volume? I sent an email to verasia.eu and they asked it to check for order availability

from amazon.co.jp

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 4063954447
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-4063954449

Thanks a lot, I struggled finding these :pray:

Penultimate week!


A few people have mentioned interest in continuing to read the next volumes. Does anyone want to volunteer to run this? It’s a fairly simple job just needs someone to set things up.

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I nominate @Micki seems like a worthy person to do the job.

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As Captain America so nicely demonstrated, more than one person can be worthy enough…

The spin off book club doesn’t have to happen. But if it is going to happen it needs someone to spend just a little time organising it. I would suggest this involves making an overarching home thread for running the group from, and then just creating a single thread for each volume. It doesn’t need all the effort that goes into starting a new book, it’s really just picking up from where we are now.


If a spin off book club happen i will certainly follow it at least until vol3 as i got them for free.

This is my first experience of book club and i’ve notice that it’s better for me to stay a little behind to have all the support of the spreadsheet and grammar discussions already aviable.

I’m mostly a silent reader and don’t participate much but still the book club is very usefull.

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