I thought of sharing this after I read a bit about the Japanese Level Up website. 


It’s pretty neat. Small piece of advice, start out slow and put everything you normally do before adding new stuff you want to commit to. That way you gain the habit of visiting the site everyday and have a motivating XP progress right off the bat.

It’s really fun. Especially if you get a group together. I have a group consisting of friends and classmates; we’re doing pretty well and are in the high levels.

It’d be cool if we could get a WaniKani guild together, but I don’t have any gems so I can’t make one myself :C

It was shared before a while ago. There’s a large thread on it with a WK guild already up.

Can we do thiiiiis? Let’s do thiiiis. We need a senpai to helm this ship.

Edit: Time to go find that thread mentioned above.

distantgrey of Sect Turtles says...

It was shared before a while ago. There's a large thread on it with a WK guild already up.
Really??? i have never seen it.

It’s there! 

Here you go:

Thanks! Now I understand why I didn’t see it, it was a time I had to leave WK on a side and had no internet connection…

The Wanikani guild is pretty seriously inactive and might end up getting boarded by Pirates at some point… The main Japanese study group is the JRPG Club (nothing to do with JRPGs actually). Please do join that one too! Guilds are only useful if there’s good chatter or a good storehouse of challenges and the Japanese ones are all a bit thin for some reason (despite the fact that I think a lot of people on Habit are learning Japanese).

distantgrey said... Here you go:
 I should probably just register and join the ranks of the WK guild so I stop procrastinating (actually not WK/Japanese except for every now and then, but some Scanlating I wanted to do at ~1ch/week... wanted .. to..)

Maybe this is sorta related, not trying to hijack, but a few other tools that I use are:

I use rescue time to figure out how long I’m screwing around on wanikani per day/week/month.
But it doesn’t know the diff between reviews and forum browsing.

Beeminder is a goal setting system. For example, I set a goal of 10 lessons a day. If you veer off the golden path you gotta pay $ to get back on. (it increases every time you get off track, but you can cap it to whatever you want).

And then I also use Habitca as well, so there is some overlappage with different uses between the apps.

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Heh, I think I’ll give this thingo a go!
Do I need friends? I have no friends. :frowning:

Wonkyth said... Heh, I think I'll give this thingo a go!
Do I need friends? I have no friends. :(
 Having friends helps hold you accountable for finishing your quests, but otherwise it's not really necessary. It might just take you a bit longer to finish quests if it's only you the fighting.

Maybe we can set up a WK group in the guild at some point? I'm not sure how it goes to be part of multiple groups...

I went ahead and joined the WaniKani guild, for all that does.
What now?

Wonkyth said... I went ahead and joined the WaniKani guild, for all that does.
What now?
 It doesn't seem like it's very active anymore, but they do have a couple quests.

I like the idea of the site. I was thinking of maybe starting a new guild for everyone here to have a more active one if anyone was interested? Let me know, so I can decide if I should.

Tempted to use this, would it be possible to have an extension that gives exp for say, doing 10 correct reviews or something? A more streamlined approach would be lovely.

https://habitica.com/#/options/groups/guilds/7c762b59-8c4c-4678-adf2-0e84559dab26 So I created a new guild so maybe we can have more active people. Feel free to join if you’d like! Also any idea as to what some of the challenges should be?

Riari: I currently have:
1. A Dailies task “Clear WaniKani reviews”
2. A Habits task “Do extra WaniKani review”

I really like the challenge you have hel!
Could you make one that has a habit for correct reviews, like Riari was requesting for? So for every 10 correct reviews, you can click it as a positive habit.