HabitRPG - Wanikani Guild

Hey all,

i am cleaning/refreshing all my to-do list and then i thought, why not create a WK guild in HabitRPG?
i have seen some users commenting here that they use it. 

So, here it is:

It’s public, feel free to join.

I actually didn’t know this website. It seems great though for finally getting a bit of structure in my life. I’ll try it out! Thanks :slight_smile:

I will check it tomorrow.  It looks interesting :wink:


You know, I was just about to make a post about HabitRPG, but then I found this thread with a forum search. I joined the guild. :slight_smile:

I also set my HabitRPG language to Japanese today (was quite happy to find that that was possible). Talk about enforcing a habit. :smiley:

Joined! Thanks for this ^^

I’m glad you created that guild. I’m on HabitRPG too ^^

I’m in.

Dude~ I also didn’t know that this was a thing! This looks awesome. Count me in. Once I get home I’ll sign up :D 
Thanks for sharing. 

Wow this looks super cool! I’ll definitely use it since I make a to-do list for myself every day anyhow ^_^. Thanks for sharing!!