Looking for an accountabilibuddy

I’ve tried restarting WaniKani a couple times now, but doing a solo journal or recording my progress all get very stale after the first few levels and I always ended up back in the cycle of trying to catch up on reviews and trying different Anki decks to find motivation. Well, I’m back on my grind at level 1 and looking for something more like a support group so we can keep each other accountable. I tend to use telegram but if anyone has a group on another platform, I’m all in on joining and keeping up with this goal.


Me please. I need an accountabilibuddy :slight_smile: Also restarted recently!


I’m also down for a small-scale study buddy group!

Add k4nji4ddict#8963 on discord or @k4nji4ddict on telegram!

Let’s go!! Seems like Discord is going to be the way to go if telegram isnt as popular.


Raises hand!!
Turns out i registered back in 2015 so,looks like its taken me 8yrs to get to level 3 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
This year i mean it!! Im getting to 60!!

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Would a slightly higher level accountabilibuddy be welcome?


lolz, SAME HERE. Currently level 3, started in 2015. Let’s get through it this time! :smiley:

Of course!

I’m pretty sure I made an account around that time too :rofl:. We’re all back in it for real this time !

Definitely welcome as the level is irrelevant,just the commitment to consistency !
Ive stayed true this week and im over it, my issue is ive learned kanji before so im burning time trying to get to the more complex levels
I need to remind myself of the bigger process!

How will you keep each other accountabilible? :thinking:

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