Sure, will do. I was thinking of making a place for us to post the sentences we make up and the interesting words we find. What do you think?

Ah man, this looks like a really great idea. Only problem is that, for me, if the graphics aren’t amazing then I’ll have little motivation to succeed in it mostly likely. ;___; 
But I might as well give it a try anyway. 

Wonkyth said... Riari: I currently have:
1. A Dailies task "Clear WaniKani reviews"
2. A Habits task "Do extra WaniKani review"

 You can get scripts that do it for you. I know for instance there is one that links with your Anki reviews and applies it as a habit every 10 cards or so?

Hey guys!!

So we have a bit of a conundrum over in the Habitica guilds. We have the old guild “Wanikani” and the new guild “WaniKani<3”.
We’ve been approached by one of the… administrators of a sort, about merging the two guilds to help keep one from fizzling out. This is also ideal as the guild leader in “Wanikani” has been inactive since May. (I hope you’re still out there doing your WaniKani reviews though!! Stop in to say hello if you have the chance!)
We could have some type of vote to determine who wants to be guild leader, or if everyone’s okay with a certain person being guild leader, we should go for it. Perhaps someone who is willing to update the page and make it look pretty?
Everyone can make their own challenges, regardless of the guild. And I definitely think we should make some more challenges!! 1 or 2 just looks too sad :cry:

Thought I’d bring it up here so everyone could weigh in with more freedom. The messaging system on Habitica definitely seems… dated. But I think that’s part of the aesthetic, so I won’t fault it.

Yeah Habit chat is clunky (and the pages take a long time to load because of all the other stuff that’s going on), but I don’t think they’re in any hurry to make it better - it’s supposed to be about getting stuff done and not chatting, after all! The social culture on Habit is pretty different from a lot of places.

As a Pirate/Elf (we’re not admin! just helpers) and a member of WaniKani I’ve stayed out of it - not a conflict of interest exactly, but it just feels weird. My advice for things to consider, for those of you who are new to Habit:
-pick a leader who is decently far along in WaniKani, so you know they’re not likely to just drop it (and that I think also signals that they’re not so likely to drop Habit either)
-you might want to consider appointing the WaniKani<3 leader as the new leader for the old guild (they’ve said they have exams right now, so you might have to wait a few days to see if they’re available?)
-someone who posts relatively regularly on the forums here might be a good pick too.

The trouble with a lot of guilds is that they go quiet, especially the Japanese ones for some reason, so whoever you pick as leader might end up having to try to kick some life back into the place every so often - they should be aware of that. It’s also good if they plan to subscribe/donate so that your guild challenges can have gem rewards, but this isn’t required (and any guild member in Wanikani can make a challenge if they so choose).

I plugged the JRPG guild earlier but didn’t give an actual link, so here it is. There’s a “Kanji a Day” challenge there that anyone in Wanikani can add to their list easily - just do a bit more intensive of a study on a single WaniKani kanji that’s giving you trouble, for example.

And for intermediate learners there is also a Practice Japanese challenge. It takes about 45 min a day, but again part of it is kanji, so if you have room for an extra 30min a day of study to do the listening component you might want to look into it.