Great iOS apps?

hey everyone!

Anyone have great iOS app suggestions to continue studying? So far, I like iKanji Touch and Duolingo.

For kanji on the iPad, I use KanjiLS.

Specifically I use it for writing practice as I prepare for the Kanji Kentei.

I can specify my preferred grade level of kanji, and then have it give me words that are missing one kanji. This is close to, though not quite exactly the same as, the structure of many of the questions on the Kanken.

For instance, you could have 人_ じんこう (artificial) and then you have to write the missing kanji.

It’s a much more interesting way to drill kanji than most programs offer.

My only gripe is that there’s no way to filter the words, so it will sometimes pick ridiculously obscure or archaic words that I have no hope of answering correctly.

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