iOS app for testing kanji writing

Hey there,

I’m looking for an iOS app that doesn’t force me to study anything but just let me practice the writing of the kanji I already studied here on wanikani, and so, that possibly lets me add a customized deck so that I can only add the kanji that I studied so far (or that allows me anyhow to filter the kanji I’m tested on). I looked for something on both WK forum and google in general and couldn’t find anything that suits the case
I especially like how ‘kanji study’ for android works but there isn’t an iPhone version.
So what I’m looking for is just an app for testing and not studying itself
Does anyone know anything alike?


I am confused by your question not gonna lie.

You don’t wanna have to study, you want to practice writing? Like stroke order or something? or Just writing sentences.

Or do you mean like a Kanji database where you can just look stuff up as you please? You could see if Jisho has an iOS app for that.

The app I use is Jakeipuu, it’s just WaniKani for iOS. You could see if Kamisame works in your browser? I think that does a study the content you’ve already learned, you do require the use of your WaniKani API key though so it can pull your data.

Here is how it looks on my phone:

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I use Anki for writing practice. You can create a deck with the kanji you know, and then design the front (i.e. what it shows to quiz you) and back (i.e. what it reveals afterwards) of the cards however you like. If you just want to be shown the kanji itself and then write it out, you could make the front and back of the cards identical. (For my own writing practice, the front shows me the reading and meaning, and the back shows me the kanji in a font that has the stroke order annotated.)


How’s this app strike you? I’ve used it in the past.

There’s a price to unlock all the kanji, but after that nothing is gated behind needing to learn previous material. You can hop to any kanji. Organized by N-level.

You can also select which kanji you’d like to review and it’ll pull together a review session with those items.

No network access required.

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Hey there, thanks for answering. I know the question is a bit confusing, that’s because I wrote it a moment before going to sleep :joy: and my english texting capacities are (not my native language) are close to zero at that time

Ideally, I’d like to practice ONLY kanji writing. No sentences or else, just an app that shows me the english meaning or at least the kana readings and asks me to draw the kanji and nothing else. Kanji study for android it’s literally what I’m looking for but can’t find anything like that on iOS, now I will check your suggestions to see if anything is like what I’m asking :ok_hand:

Hmm sounds like the exact thing I was looking for, is this a payed subscription service?
Also I actually don’t want to write along some guides, the point is to write the kanji just with my recall abilities. I’m looking for this because I notice that while my memorization capacities skyrocketed with readings and recognization, there’s no way I can draw the kanji, and sometime I will take much time before recognizing one.

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Sounds awesome! Gonna try it, thanks for the suggestion.

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Anki is free on desktop, web and Android, but the iOS app needs to be bought (it’s not exactly cheap, around 30€ or somesuch). Having said that, you can also use the web version on iOS without problems.


If it does what it promises, it’s totally doable. I’ll try the web version first on the iphone, does it offer similar features/ layout of the app version?

I’m wondering if this is what you are after

It’s a little pricey but it has SRS, the possibility to create lists, it teaches you the stroke order at first but then when you a re reviewing, there are no guides. I liked it at first, but as writing is not on my priority list and as they bumped up the price I had to stop. I reckon it would do wonders in helping with recognition though if you are able to write, especially for visually similar kanji.


Hey Nico, thanks a lot for the suggestion.
I just tried the free version and it was quite guided but with WK not teaching stroke order and not including drawing practice, this could just be an ideal companion, I will put this on top of my options list :ok_hand:

I wanted to do pretty much exactly what I think you are asking for.
I wanted to practice physically writing the kanji I had learned on Wanikani on my iPad.

The main block for me was kanji writing support on IOS was limited to their Chinese ‘keyboards’.
This meant that some kanji had slightly different strokes, and inputting okurigana was a HUGE pain.

But I found a solution I was really happy with!
There is a third party writing keyboard on IOS called “mazec”.
You have to pay for it and it has mixed reviews, but I found it super reliable.

Pairing “mazec” with “kamesame” worked perfectly.
It gives you the English hints from Wanikani, and you then have to write out the Japanese answer by hand.

Edit - “mazec” does not teach stroke order. It would be more for testing yourself. But each entry on kamesame has links to jisho which you can use to quickly look up stroke orders if you need to.

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This thing sounds like good stuff, gotta try it

Which one is it?

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Uh, not sure really, as I don’t use the web version at all. I’m using the desktop version on my computer to manage the data and the iOS app for reviews. The app is not as feature-complete wrt data management, so the desktop version just works better for me. But YMMV of course :slight_smile:
And yes, you should definitely first try the (free) desktop version as Anki is not everybody’s cup of tea and comes with a bit of a learning curve…

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You want the first image you posted.
mazec - 手書き日本語入力ソフト

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Oh I got it, it needs some practice to get used to

Awesome, thanks!

I just came across something called Kanji Native yesterday. Here’s the App Store link:

I’m not sure if it’s what you want though, because it does seem to have grouped the kanji by JLPT level, and I don’t know if you can freely choose the ones you want to practise. It definitely includes writing practice though.


Thanks! The more suggestions the better, so I can try many options and see whats best :ok_hand: I will check this out. I will also update this post with what I chose in the end so maybe it will be helpful for someone looking for the same thing


update - I just tried it, looks great and does exactly what I’m looking for. But it’s a bit rigid with kanji selection because it groups them in JLPT levels and doesn’t allow you to create decks, add favorite kanji selection for quicker practice sessions etc. A bit rigid yeah, but I can still do custom practice sessions by manually selecting the kanji I want to write (this is a pain in the ass tho becaue there is no search function and I need to search the kanji I want to add to the custom practice sesh one by one)

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It’s much more efficient to learn general rules of kanji stroke order, then the few exceptions to those rules, than to train how each kanji is written one by one.