Grammer question

Hello, I just noticed I have been lacking in grammar. Are there any good Anki decks? I’ve been trying bunpro N4, but it’s just not my thing and do you track your time studying

Did you try ?


is it worth it?

I used the popular textbook Genki and that worked for me.This textbook is so popular that many people have made great tools to go along it. Those tools are so great, that I ended up using them and not really opening the actual book anymore. (So basically you can skip the step where you buy the book and use the resources for free). Also the kanjis always come with furigana (the hiragana on top to know how to read them), so no need to worry about your Wanikani level.

The way to do Genki, without buying Genki, is as follow.

For each lesson, first watch the video of TokiniAndy on youtube go through it:

Then do the exercises for the lesson on this website:

Then next lesson :slight_smile:

3 Likes is free. It works for me when it comes to grammar. Plus there’s conjugation practice that was just released


I will probably be the least useful here, but honestly, unless you are actively working to hit some goal (langauge exam, trip to japan, anything in the near future), then properly sitting down and studying grammar might be one of the least enjoyable, and least productive methods you can go with. Instead actually taking some media you enjoy (books, manga, anime, drama, wrestling, whatever), and consuming that in Japanese would, given time, get you a much better foundation and much more natural understanding.

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yea when i was doing i wanted to kill myself. and i love learning kanji so that speaks so much

sorry but tried genki before bunpro and watched him but couldnt get past 20 minutes

Sorry, I don’t quite understand you here, was the problem trying to consume content or rather learning from textbooks or something?

shit my bad typo i hate learning grammer from genki and bunpro

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Then I can recommend good old natural acquisition, once you know the most basic grammar points (N5-N4-ish), it’s simple enough to not be instantly discouraging. I personally never finished genki I, bunpro doesn’t work for me and never tried anything else. Though I’ll admit, for me, Cure Dolly was the main one that properly stuck. But I haven’t touched a grammar book properly in quite a bit and I’m fine.

And luckily enough the next book club is just around the corner, starting on the 16th of december! Come join us.

i did N5 Bunpro, and probably still remember like 50 percent. Right now, I can’t really read books because I have limited kanji and vocabulary. Should I do anki? or just pick grammar from tv or books. btw i have time

That’s fine, don’t worry about that. Vocab and kanji knowledge are heavily overrated when it comes to reading. At least with the absolute beginner book club, you’ll be reading stuff that has furigana, with a member contributed vocab sheet at your disposal for any word you don’t know. I personally started anki many a times before, it’s mainly meant as an aid alongside actual reading and consuming material. Try reading with us, the worst thing that can happen is you dropping out mid way, which is perfectly normal.


You should join book clubs like the absolute beginner one and then practice will help you take on more and more challenging material

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the thing is right i can read it if it has higrana but i don’t know what the words mean i am doing the 2k 6k deck, hopefully i will in the future

which one should i join

That’s perfect then, that’s what the vocabulary sheet is for. It’s also one of the best ways to learn words without having to do srs all day every day.

oh okay would you mind please linking me to the book club please

good link
This is the main thread, we are very close to the end of the current pick (also, it’s a bit hard), so I don’t recommend trying to catch up with that, but here will be the one starting on the 16th:

where would i get a book and is this n5 level