Currently level 18 and am gonna start Genki for the first time. Any ideal study route?

Hello. I am soon gonna start studying Genki, and would like some tips regarding how I should approach it. For example, I think it’s all right to skip learning all the Kanji in it right, since I am already studying Kanji? I also got the workbook along with it. Do you think Genki on its own is enough to cover basic grammar or should I supplement with something like bunpro? Planning on going through Genki at a somewhat fast pace (2-3h a day) and then continue on to Genki 2.


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I’ve also got Genki but I’m not going to start any sort of grammar stuff until level 10 (as advised by Koichi).

I’m not sure what route is best, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve read in the past that this guy:

Makes some good videos to go along with learning Genki (from what i’ve read). I would also use Bunnpro or LingoDeer, I personally think it’s best to use multiple resources to learn then you can find out which one is best for you, where as if you just do Genki, Bunpro might have been a better fit for you and you would have never known.

It’s ok to research these sort of things and find out what other people think, but it really comes down to your own individual learning style and preference.


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I think Genki I and Genki 2 are enough to cover N5-N4 grammar. Personally speaking, the only way grammar particles can be etched onto your brain is through regular usage though, so maybe reinforce what you learnt by doing Genki Workbooks or by talking to natives on apps such as HelloTalk

Thanks for your reply and recommendation. Yeah, I will probably try Bunpro since I have—for the most part—read positive things about it. Good luck on your Japanese learning journey!

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I see. Perhaps a good thing I got the workbook then I guess! My priority right now is not speech, so I don’t think I will be talking to natives anytime soon; I am mostly interested in being able to read, type and comprehend. Do note that I am not claiming that speech isn’t important, but it is something that I will improve down the line. Thanks!

Ah, my bad- I accidentally typed talking instead of texting. Texting to Natives to reinforce your grammar is a good strategy as well! Which you can easily do on HelloTalk.

No worries! I didn’t know that, cool! I will consider that, thanks!

Just my experience, but I’ve found it very rewarding to start studying grammar earlier (think I started around level 5). A lot of times the vocab used in Genki’s grammar lessons and the vocab that I’m studying here line up and reinforce each other, and it’s nice to be able to read the example sentences here better. I’m not sure why Tofugu recommends waiting so long, I think it would have driven me crazy to know all the ~1,000 vocab you learn by level 10 and not be able to use any of it :slight_smile:


First time I went to japan in 2010 and used genki II for classes, it was overwhelming for me because I didnt know almost no kanji, always forgetting all the time, I could learn previously how to make sentences, but not how to connect the sentences.

using wkstats I see that I clear N5 on level 16, I guess I will start now getting to learn sentences when I get to that level, and not depend so much on furigana (i dont like them lol)

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I have to agree with what others have stated. It is never too early to start learning Grammar. I’m still new on my Japanese learning adventure but from what I’ve gathered from other experts here is that learning Japanese is like juggling. You have to balance grammar, Kanji, vocab, reading skills, listening skills, etc. You need to “level up” on each category as you go. Otherwise you can be level 60 here on Wanikani but still struggle to read the most basic of sentences.

That is why its beneficial to start grammar early. I’m only on Chapter 4 of Genki but countless times while listening or reading Japanese I see in the wild I see things I’ve learned and it helps me get a sense of what is being said. No I don’t understand much of what is being said as there is so much I don’t know, but knowing some of the basic building blocks helps me sooo much. So I would advise learning Grammar as early as possible! Kanji + vocab are the building blocks of the language but if you have no idea what order they go in that doesn’t help.

Side note regarding Genki I personally struggle learning from the book alone and with the exercises I have difficulty. That is why I highly recommend reading the chapter and get an overview then watch ToKini Andy’s videos for the chapter. He explains things so well that I often go back and re-watch the videos and pick up more on the 2nd or 3rd viewing.

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