Got my first burned items today!

:balloon::balloon::confetti_ball::sparkles::confetti_ball::tada::tada:21 of them to be exact. :tada::tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::confetti_ball::balloon::balloon:

And here comes the realisation…


How is that even possible on LV 13!? :hushed:
I mean, it needs quite some time to get the wanted kanji, radicals or vocabulary to be BURNED.
Something around 6 months or so. :thinking:

I’m at 16 and don’t have a single one burned yet… The Crabigator is really mean :joy:


They’re all radicals atm from lvl 1. My levelling speed has also been pretty inconsistent as I’ve just been using WK casually in my lunch breaks, the levels have reflectively gotten harder and harder to do as I continued, but apparently I’ve been here for 5.5 months.

However I’ve now established a routine thanks to the Ultimate WK guide, and level 12 only took me 9 days, so hopefully I can keep up this pace as I’m now consistently getting 95%+ on my reviews instead of 70%+

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Also burnt my first items yesterdays … feels good man


I have also burned many items already XD
Long breaks are the reason for that XD

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Burned my first one last week :+1:

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on average for me at my crab crawling rate, I start seeing burned items ~10 levels back. Probably longer for faster durtles and shorter for the tortoises.

Level doesn’t matter, just how long it’s been since you did your first lesson.


burned 1200 so far, I took too many breaks, took much more time than needed for leveling, just now I’m beggining to leveling faster


I see. Thank you for the many replies and explanations why I will not be able to burn something before New Year. :smile:

But I think it doesn’t matter how many items you’ve burned or not as long as you keep learning!


is that a rabbit holding up two red cards?

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It looks like red flags for cheering. 笑

congrats! How awesome!

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