Finally Lv10! So Happy!

After 2 and half months… Finally got to the last level of Pleasant… When I started I couldn’t believe how slow it was…!! But now I occupy on other things and when I come and check already get over 100 reviews… and of course always a pleasure to do them! これからもっと一緒に頑張りましょう!I’m very grateful to the people that supported me thanks really…!


Congratulations :sweat_drops:


why no burned items :thinking:

Because it takes nearly 6 months to get something burned and they stated they’ve only been going for 2.5 (I’m assuming due to a reset?). From enlightened to burned is a 4 month interval just on its own. I also don’t have any burned items. My first item coming up for burn isn’t until early October. That is also due to the fact that I reset.


Good work! I hope you make it the whole way!


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks! Your post made me happy too!


thats not due to a reset though, ive been busy for 3 months and im in level 12 atm. a level takes a week aproximately, so level 10 is 10 weeks, which is about 2,5 months.

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Congratulations! ヾ(☆’∀’☆)

Nice work! Your smashing through the levels keep going! I’ll be there soon.

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Hey congrats ! Let’s keep working hard !

Thank you really… I must keep going…!!

Everyone goes at their own rate though so :woman_shrugging:t2:

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sure, but the point was that 2,5 months for level 10 is not weird at all and has nothing to do with a reset most likely. you cant really do it much faster than that really. safe for maybe a couple of days.

I almost forget to congratulate you about your progress, good work and keep it up!

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Congratulations, 友達!

Things are getting scary as I approach 20, but, we got this!

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We got this WE got this 友人!Thank you every one for your awesome and beautiful replies. I’m about halfway to lvl 11 xD I’m taking my time on this one… haha

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