First Burn at level 18!

I was wondering when the first set of items were gonna come back. I start today’s reviews and:

Pretty “big” moment. Glad I got into WK, it’s been fun.


Congrats! :slightly_smiling_face:

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clap my hero academia
Hey congratulations @Bruford! Well done!
keep chugging along, more burns are on the way! :wink:


I won’t get there til like mid July…

Thanks guys! I finished today’s reviews and ended up with about 20 burned items upon completion. But I quit right after that first term so I knew for sure which was my first burned item. Welp, onward and upward.

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Some people just enjoy watching the world burn

I burned the vocab ‘to burn’ today. Would’ve posted a screenshot if I had one lol. Good work, just 8878 more to go! (if my numbers are correct)



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I was beginning to wonder when I might see my first burns… I was under the impression that they started around level 10, but that’s definitely way off! On level 12 now and according to WK I’ve still got two months before I get that first burn, so it’s definitely gonna be a few more levels before I see them…

Your first burns come after roughly six months on WaniKani. How fast you go determines what level you are on when the burns start to come in. You could theoretically spend 6 months on level 1 and get your first burns while still on level 1…


Yea, I’m only just now realizing this. :sweat_smile:


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