First 25 burned

I finally burned my first 25 items at once, I’m honestly glad that this day came without me giving up before it happened lmao.

Ironically enough…my first burned radical was "tree"


Ohhh, this is a good news! :star_struck: I’m still waiting for my first burns :sob:

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Congratulations! Keep up the good work!! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! I can’t wait until November for my first burns!

And burning the tree first is very symbolic, dontchathink?

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Great news! Also I noticed we’re progress buds! I’m also level 12, and my first burns are coming up this weekend! At a guess, I think this means we’re probably moving at about the same pace? I think going as fast as possible you can be in your mid 20’s by the time the first burn comes up, but I don’t like having over 100 apprentice items, and sometimes reviews are all I can do in a day.

I started on March 12th 2019, my average level length is just over 2 weeks, with my longest level (11) taking 36 days to get through. So pumped to start burning turtles.


How do you know when you are going to burn something?
I haven’t really paid much attention to this part… mostly because I am useless at navigating around wanikani

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The “plain” WK interface does not give you this information.

But if you install @rfindley’s Ultimate Timeline script, you’ll see them marked with black triangles.


Thank you! :seedling:

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You can also technically go to an enlightened item and see when your next review is with vanilla wk


But then you get a spoiler as to what the item is.

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While thats true I personally dont like the idea of how looking at learned items on wanikani is considered “cheating” when in reality it is just normal reviewing. Its like saying you shouldnt read a textbook again after learning it in class the day before a test because its cheating.

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Ha I don’t know how to do that :confounded:
I am a disaster on WK

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From the home page you can click levels, click the level you want to see the kanji of, then it brings you all the radicals and kanji and vocab from that level. You can click on any one of those items and scroll to the bottom to see when your next review is.

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Thank you - if I checked correctly… 3 months away still

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This thread has confused me greatly…and just when I thought I understood how the levelling works!

I’m on level 8 and have 138 burned items: how do people on level 12 have 25 if levelling is based on burning items?

Leveling is based on guruing 90% of your current levels kanji. I believe I didnt have burns at all until level 20 or 21!

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Oh right! Thank you! I thought I had been robbed of a higher level!

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I’ve got around 400 burned. Reason I’m Level 11 though is cause I like to try and keep it slow with WK, just around 30 apprentice items added with other slated items can get me up to 70 reviews or so in a day which wouldn’t be a problem if i wasn’t out most of the day lol. So it might be based on a person’s speed as well

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Hahaha, that’s funny, we really are progress buds because I started March 6th. My average level up is 15 days and my longest level (9) took me 34 days.

Mostly I’ve just been taking it easy, not wanting to rush through because I know that if I do I’ll just forget everything I ever learned.

I agree honestly. If I know I’m about to burn something, I review it without WK a few days before just to make sure I still know it by heart and won’t screw up my progress over foolish mistakes.