Got behind, advice on catching up?

Hi everyone! I’m Joe, currently at Wanikani Level 11. Due to a ton of crazy life events (Hurricane Displacement, moving, Covid, unexpected passing of my mother) I’ve gotten completely behind and out of practice with WK. I currently have 170 Lessons, and about 1200 reviews. It’s been about 3-4 months since I last practiced regularly.
I’d like to ask the community for advice about how to beat pick up from here. Should I complete all reviews before doing any new lessons? What’s an optimal way to break things up? Just did 100 reviews tonight before posting this with about 60% answered correctly and 15 or so Burned.
Should I be starting over at Level 1, or picking up from here?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Do 200 reviews daily until you catch up or reset to level 5.

Thank you for the quick reply!
I figured out how to reset to a specific level! Do you have an opinion on which is preferable? The 200 daily or going back to level 5?

Level 1 reset is definitely overkill. Anything that hit enlightened before your break should still be mostly fine. Accuracy generally drops in the later SRS stages so out of context 60% could mean a lot of things.

If you’re ok with using scripts, reorder by level or and whatever point where the accuracy seems too low to bother reset to that level.

If you want to try clearing the pile without a reset at all I’d recommend sorting by SRS level instead and doing oldest/highest level items first. Apprentice and guru items will probably just churn in the pile and waste your time.


Thank you! I haven’t used any scripts yet, any threads you recommend to learn how to do that?

Big list of scripts here if you haven’t seen it before.

If you use Flaming Durtles, it’s under settings → review advanced settings → order. I can’t speak to the other apps.

For browser I use Reorder Ultimate 2, but I think it requires enabling script compatibility mode at this time. The rest of the instructions should be in first post. This one is just sorting by level or type.

I think this was the other big reorder script which is based on SRS levels.

If this seems more trouble than it’s worth you could always guess or just reset multiple times. I’m pretty sure a few users here have reset down to a not so distant level to be safe, then went down a bit more if it didn’t work out.

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Excellent! I’ll check this out! I did just reset down to Level 5, and am finding it an interesting mix of things I know very well, and things I had almost completely forgotten. It’s also nice to have a much less overwhelming list of reviews


Definitely put the lessons on hold until you’re at least somewhat caught up. Each lesson completed adds four more reviews in the next week, more if you get the reviews wrong.


Sounds like a plan! I don’t want to get this far behind again if I can avoid it. I feel like Ive moved backwards, but I also didn’t want to pick up where I left off if there is so much that I’ve forgotten.

No specific advice - but you’re not alone…I’m Level 12 and came back to about 1200 reviews (1198?) after a break (6-7 weeks off for me).
I’m on day 2 of my return and have done a bit over 100 reviews yesterday and today. About 55% right yesterday and 75% today I feel like my brain had to tune back into that particular storage cupboard…!
I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I remember. Lots that I got wrong gave me that “Oh, Duh!” feeling, so I’m hoping most of them just needed a small refresher too.

Good luck!

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Welcome back to you too! I just went you are saying about those Oh duh moments. Same thing is happening to me!

Sorry about the loss of your mom :frowning:

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Thank you so much. It still doesn’t feel real to me.

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