What's the best way to catch up after a break?

I started using Wanikani almost a year ago and i did it very consistently until University came in the way in July, so I had to take a break. Right now I’m staring at 1300 reviews, after resetting to 22 from 25, and almost half of them is enlightened. The normal way of catching up (i.e. without cheating) seems a bit slow, and doing enlightened items first also seems like postponing debt into the future if I don’t get them correctly (by them dropping to guru). Is there a better way to catch up than both of those ways without being overwhelmed now or later?

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What I did in a similar situation is to use the Reorder Ultimate script to do the review in order of level. I did 50 review per day because this is the workload I was comfortable with. When I reached items in a level where I hit a wall in terms of accuracy I reset at that level.


Hi @candus1 san

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I agree with Prouleau san. One thing to keep in mind is, the pace with which you approach clear up is the pace with which all the items will return in the future. It might be advisable to take it slow and steady and do them in chunks of 50-100 per day. It may seem slow, but in the long run this is probably the best way :grin:

Think of this slow frustrating period as Luffy trying to learn Haki or Naruto trying to learn Rasengan :wink:

Good luck my friend :crossed_fingers:


Hi guys!
I am in a similar situation. I came back after a while to find myself with around 1000 reviews. I reset from level 28 to level 25 and now I still have 730 reviews. In order to catch up, I would like to set a certain amount of reviews to do in every session. I think there is an app for that, but I don’t remember the name or what to do to install an app. Can anybody help me?