What Level Should I Reset To?

So I’ve been stuck on Level 14 for a ridiculously long amount of time, due to a pileup of reviews that happened during school. I’ve already reset once from 15 down to 14, but it didn’t seem to do much. Now with the kanji and radical reboot, I have even more lessons and reviews to slog though (even though I haven’t been doing lessons at all aside from some of the rebooted radicals). I’m getting around 50% consistently during review sessions, and because of this the review queue never goes away. I’ve got more leeches than I know what to do with, and at this point, it’s clear I need to reset a few levels if I want to get back on track again.

My question is, how do I know what level to reset to? I don’t want to go back too far, but I don’t want the reset to be ineffective again, either. Now that I’m on break I have time to keep up with a reasonably sized queue…I just don’t want it consistently being at over 400. (I’ve never tried to hack my way through this entire queue because I know it would mostly come back the next day thanks to my horrid retention rate.) I was on a pretty good leveling up track before the queue pile-up happened, leveling up every few weeks with a success rate on reviews of about 70-80%, and I’d like to get back to that.

Is there a good way I can judge this? Anyone been in a similar situation before?


I reset back to level 6 to study for the jlpt n5 when I was a level 17. I think somewhere between 6-8 would by okay for a resetter in your area

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You could try installing the Self-Study Quiz script, and test yourself of your prior levels to see how well you remember them.

But whatever you decide, I’d recommend spending more time up front on lessons.


Look at the kanji per level and go below the level where you have no clue what’s going on.

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That’s a bit difficult because on that page I’ll be like “oh yeah, I know all these” but that’s because their meaning is written below them and they all look vaguely familiar :sweat_smile:

Level 9 is the first level on which I haven’t burned anything. That might be okayish to reset to?

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How about looking at your apprentice/guru items from https://www.wkstats.com/#items.wk.kan ?

And follow @acm2010 's advice: Go below the level where you have no clue what’s going on.

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With 50% accuracy or even 70–80% percent accuracy, I wouldn’t worry about losing a few additional days/weeks, but rather how you can get more out of the lessons to remember the kanji from the start.

[I used the self-study script to directly repeat the new material a few times until I remembered it without thinking too much, in addition to the lessons.]

If you accumulate more content you struggle with it gets more and more difficult to remember new content. I would reset rather more than less :slight_smile: With the wkstats site you can objectively see where the problems start.

As someone who has had to reset to level 1 twice, level 7 is where I got to before I could no longer just breeze through the content on both resets. So I don’t think you should need to go any lower than 6.


keep in mind what a pain all those counters are during the first levels.

install Reorder, set it to ascending level order and take note where stuff becomes shaky.
that was lvl 20 for me when i came back, and the 23/24 stuff, i couldn’t even remember having learned. so, 20 it was for me. a good, healthy cut, right to where i wouldn’t say i was clueless, but where i had my doubts.


yeah, I think this is a good approach too

Also, don’t stress too much about it. In the end a few levels above or below what might have been the ‘optimum’ won’t matter too much. If you don’t reset far enough - oh well, you can always reset lower. If you reset too far - oh well, it won’t take long to catch up.


How do I do that? I just installed the script, but I don’t know how to make it reorder stuff.

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there’s 2 scales, one weighs レベル vs タイプ … click it, so レベル has more weight

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Where do I click on it though? Is it in settings? Is it in the review section? I tried to do reviews and nothing new popped up except something saying it was installing (but it also said it was at 100% and nothing was happening)

Hmm, the reorder script should result in a whole little thang appearing at the bottom of your review screen. Do you have the WK Open Framework installed as well, and are both scripts set to run? You should be able to check that by clicking on the little tampermonkey icon in the top-right of your browser when you do reviews.

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I’ve done that and made sure WK Open Framework is running first. It’s still just giving me this: “WKU::Please Wait::Currently updating UID list… 100%”

In a popup? I would suggest posting in the Open Framework thread or the Reorder Thread then :thinking: I’m not gonna be any further use :grin:


I’ve been having this too with the reorder script recently!!

HOOO BOY so this problem goes deeper than I thought. I got the reorder thing to work, and I have forgotten things as far back as level 4. That’s really not encouraging at all. Most of them I was like OH YEAH DUH after I read the answer, but some of them…not so much.

Do you think I should really reset that far…? :fearful:

EDIT: Yahhh…I’m only getting like 50% on levels 4 and 5…this is not good…

Don’t worry too much about it. It’s like a new game+
First time around, you probably knew much less than that. Assuming you knew 10%, you now know an additional 40% of those level.
Similarly, you will be much more familiar with the following levels than you were the first time around.
So, yes, it does sound far, but it will be much easier to go back to your current level than reaching it the first time was, and you will have better foundations for what comes next.

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