Goodbye streak

I knew I couldn’t keep it up forever since I have a yearly trip that involves being quite literally 100 miles from any cell service, but the release of Resident Evil: Village yesterday has killed my streak.

Oh well, time to clear out this mess of reviews! Anyone else break a streak recently?


Worth it.


Well, I might not be the best to comment as I’ve still to break my steak from starting WK last year, but really, WK isn’t a game and it doesn’t matter if you break a streak or not. There are no special awards to be given.

In the end, it’s all about whether you’re learning what you’re reviewing and if you can put it to use. That’s all the reward there is.

Even if you reach lv 60 you’ll still just have to keep at those reviews when you have time, but you also need to take breaks - you’ve deserved it at that point! :slight_smile:


I like your colors


I had 458 days and that was it, just stopped completely. Now my review count is making national news.

Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 7.19.45 PM


Absolutely, it was phenomenal from start to finish to start again

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Thanks! I used to be a big orange guy but I’ve come to realize that purple is by far my favorite color.


I let myself have a day off now and then. I think my longest streak is about the same as yours although I was tempted to take another day off when I hit 60. :joy:


Where do you see that chart?

It’s from a userscript called Wanikani Heatmap

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I lost my 2 month (and a few days) streak because I slept for almost 24 hours :sweat_smile:


I broke a 300+ streak because of exams, completely forgot do my reviews for even 15 minutes

kanata slep2


I broke a 400 something streak when I ran out of reviews (i.e. I had no lesson and no review for more than 24h)


A multi-day camping trip a while back killed my iKnow streak (requires daily communication with the site to maintain streak), but for Android users the Flaming Durtles app is all you need to keep your streak alive during long periods away from cell signal and wifi =D


I like the cut of your jib.

@TKuykendall I agree with @ekg 100%, losing your streak is not the end of the world but I can understand for sure it may be disappointing :frowning: .

You know what comes with the end of a streak though? the start of a new streak! so がんばって!


Wtf. You finished it in a day?

Also, I dunno why, but I can never be bothered to play a game more than once. I’m usually there for the story, so by the second time around, some ******* (me) has already spoiled the story for me.

My buddy and I both took a day off work to play it at the same time, so we got up at about 8 and played straight through. I think we took one bathroom break and one “pick up grubhub from the door” break and that was it until we both finished it. Then I was doing stuff later with other friends who wanted to see gameplay so I started another playthrough and streamed it.

I’m super excited to play through it the second time, gotta get all those weapon upgrades and turn it all the way to action-horror haha. Once this one is done I’ll do a third playthrough in Japanese too.

If four months ago counts as recently, then yes xP

Was going for a 1000 day streak by the end of the year, but streak said bye-bye :durtle_hello: (I wonder if I’d run out of reviews before that would happen, not that it matters much now, haha)


I do the same since I hit Lv60. Sometimes I just can’t bring myself to play the SRS game, and honestly now I realise that’s completely fine. I used to force myself to clear reviews every single day religiously, but I could have avoided some burnout had I left some days in between, streak be damned.

At the end of the day we are (or should be) here to learn, not to play a game, so it was about time I learned that it’s okay to take days off.


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