Please get reviews historical data back to API

Hello dear WK supporting team and thank you for your continuous efforts for improving WK experience!

I believe, you already got lots of feedback from the recent update, right? Sorry for bringing one more issue here that I can’t find an existing thread for!

Actually, it’s more humble request. The thing is, I love my 354-day streak and I was going to celebrate 365-day streak - that is entire year-long one! - tomorrow. And usually I track my streak with a great [Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap - #1895 by username21 script by @Kumirei . Still, due to reason below, it seems like we can’t do it anymore.

So my request is, if it’s possible to get back historical data tracking back to API? I should say, it was extremely useful feature and pushed a great motivation into consistent studies. Thank you!


Ouch, missed that one, thank you!


Wasn’t there already a workaround for the “lost streak” with the heatmap? It’s not getting you data back, but the streak can be saved.

There is, but you have to manually input your days studied, which in my case gives 3-digit number. So I just a bit curious if there is a more decent approach to solve it.

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