Just realized I broke my 1372 day streak

I usually use my phone for WaniKani, but today I randomly opened WaniKani on my PC where I have the heatmap script installed, and noticed the aforementioned.

It doesn’t actually matter that much, but oof.
The other tragic thing is that I have so many reviews over half a year after hitting level 60.
And most tragic of all, I was 5 days away from 1337 :,(

Rest in peace, beloved meaningless streak.



My condolences. :weary: It’s a crappy feeling.

I only had around a 800 day streak on BunPro, and losing that made me have a moment of


Adding in my condolences also, it feels so much worse when it’s entirely accidental doesn’t it? :weary:

I lost 600~ day streaks on WK and Bunpro earlier this year, but on the plus side… I think it’s made me more determined to reach that number again? :sweat_smile:


i wanted to cry when i missed a day at 228! i would have cried if i were you.


Today is my 777 streak !
I drastically cut down new lessons last June as I was doing over 200 reviews a day. I am still at level 32 since then…

I cleared up my apprentice and guru backlog and hope to pick up again a more reasonable pace. That is no new lessons if I have more than 70 reviews and 50 apprentice items.


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