Good tool for making Anki cards?

Hey guys,

What’s a good tool for making Anki cards with audio these days? I used to use the Yomichan extension but the developer stopped supporting it and it seems like it doesn’t work anymore. Has anyone found a good replacement for Yomichan?


I can’t answer your question, but I’d use the pencil button and change the title to specify that you need help with audio anki cards, just to get better answers from users here/and get more people to answer.

Also, try to search the Anki forums for this? (unless you’ve already been over there). Perhaps, that’s an even better place to look for solutions? :slight_smile:

Good luck! :+1:

How about Yomichan fork?

Currently I still (mostly) have audio with newly added cards from the same old Yomichan. Audio source can be configured, though text-to-speech aren’t sent to Anki.

My audio config

Otherwise, I think Anki has Forvo addons, but I am not using one.


Thank you so much!