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Hey I’ve seen Yomichan mentioned here a bunch and I’m looking into it… but for the instructionals I’ve looked at on how to set it up it has people creating new decks for it so they end up with multiple decks which I don’t want.

I’m hoping to keep my current single Anki deck going but need the best and easiest way to start making cards with words/sentences from anime and other media I’m watching or reading. Is Yomichan right for this or is there some other option?

I’d also be very grateful for any other recommendations for other plugins or tips for pulling words/sentences from written text or video or audio.


You can definitely add to an existing deck with Yomichan - that’s what I usually do. Once you’ve set up AnkiConnect and Yomichan, you go into the Yomichan settings, down to ‘Anki’ and into ‘Configure Anki Card Format’ to choose what deck to add to, what card template, and what info to automatically add to each field. I love that it pulls audio for me into the audio field automatically (if it’s available - for most words I want it is)

Yomichan won’t be super helpful for doing sentences (at least from how I’ve used it so far) - main use for me is that I can highlight the word and hit the plus button, and then I have a new word card. If I’m reading a paper book or watching something, I usually search it on Jisho so that I can highlight it to make a card at the same time as finding out what it means so I can keep reading.

Someone else might be aware of a way to make it functional for sentence cards - I am not.

EDIT: Ah, I do see an option for adding a context sentence to your card - I’ve never used it, but it does exist.


MIgaku is one to keep an eye on.

Right now the browser tool is only available as paid alpha and beta releases, but once it hits version 1.0 (whenever that may end up being), it will get a free release.

I’m part of the paid beta tier, and am using the following tools:

  • Immerse with Migaku Browser Extension for Chrome browsers (not yet free)
    I mostly use this for tracking words I do and do not know, so I can find +1 sentences in anime subtitles. They’ve recently added a Yomichan-like pop-up dictionary, but that feature is still in the alpha development stage.

  • Migaku Dictionary for Anki (free)
    Makes it very easy for me to add a definition, image (if applicable), and Forvo audio when I create cards. (I’m hoping they’ll add Tatoeba sample sentences to this, since the browser extension’s dictionary recently added them.)

  • Migaku Editor for Anki (free)
    To be honest, once I installed everything, creating cards in Anki the normal way broke for me. But since the Migaku Dictionary is designed to use with the Migaku Editor (which can create cards), it hasn’t been an issue for me personally.

  • Migaku Flexible Grading for Anki (free?)
    Reduces reviews to two button answers.

  • Migaku Japanese for Anki (free)
    Required for proper pitch accent and (I think) furigana support on Migaku note type Anki cards.

  • Migaku MPV for MPV (free)
    I’ve been extracting anime episodes from some of my DVD’s and syncing Japanese subtitles I’ve picked up online. When watching an anime episode with Japanese subtitles, this allows me to open in a browser (where I can find +1 sentences with the browser extension), then with one click create a card with a screenshot and sentence audio, definition, and Forvo word audio.

  • Migaku Vacation for Anki (free?)
    There’s an “optimize schedule” setting I use, which (if I understand correctly) will make reviews come up a little earlier or a little later to average out how many reviews I have daily. Helps prevent big dips and spikes.


Here you go. Yes use yomichan.

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Thanks all

i personally just use template from this video

In the links first is a template. 2d is how it works.
I never tried but I don’t think its too difficult too import one deck into another.

migaku also can be a great alternative.

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