Good luck! see you again one day

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time since I posted on here, and I just wanted to wish everyone using WaniKani great luck in their future studies!

After moving to Japan for a year, I sadly did not continue with my Japanese studies as I now live in Korea, so as such a new challenge awaits me! but I want to take this moment to thank everyone who helped me on this journey! with your help and the help of WaniKani I was able to speak to people in Japan, order food, get help I needed and ultimately love my time in Japan. thank you all!

You all are doing so well and please keep going! I believe in every one of you and am so proud of the progress you have made!

For now I am going to start korean learning, but who knows, maybe one day I will come back to this account and learn japanese too!

see you all then!!


Success to you!

I lived in Seoul for one year and studied intensive for 4 months, enough for me to realize korean language was not for me at all. I dont like languages that rely too much in pronunciation

pah, that is completely different from paaah (practicing with a sheet of paper), kah from kaaah, nyang from nyan and etc

I stick to Japanese, I find it way easier :sweat_smile:


Good luck! I’ve constantly tried to start learning Korean for the past 7 or so years now, never making it past a few basic words and sentences because of my commitments to Japan and Japanese. Part of me would love to move to Korea for 6 months and intensively study the language and culture, but that’s unlikely to happen :sob:

Maybe one day I can get to whatever the Korean equivalent of N5 is…