Back after 2 year break (motivated to pass N1!)



Back in the good ol’ days I used to use wanikani every day, reached level 22 (ok didn’t make it that far on here) but unfortunately stopped because I was too busy during my university exchange in Japan.

However, I did successfully pass the JLPT N2!!! Recently, I haven’t felt satisfied with only passing N2 and want to try tackling the N1.
(the kanji section annihilated me)

I’m now back and ready to tackle my massive pile of reviews.






Well welcome back! I hope that all goes well for you in your studies, and you satisfy your thirst for ultimate JLPT mastery with the N1.


Oooo, exciting :smiley: Good luck!




Thanks :smiley:
It will be a long journey, but I am determined!!


Due to my high levels of stalking your lovely presentation, I decided to click on your profile and found something very worthy of being shared!

Your Japanese seems to be so much better than mine :star_struck: I’m sure you’ll finish WaniKani with no problems and that you’ll be able to reach your goal soon enough! Welcome to our lovely community :smiley:


Welcome back! I don’t know why you’re trying to learn japanese, but if you were able to pass N2, you clearly have to be at least a little motivated. Good luck :+1:

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