Konbanwa bums!

Hows it going this morning/afternoon/evening?
I’ve been studying for a couple months down. I’ve gotten really good at the basics and (as im sure you can tell by my joining this website) I want to get more into advanced things. I still have trouble reading fluently, which I’m sure learning more kanji will help with. But the big thing here is that I really want to find more resources that will help me have more natural conversations.

i did a bit of googling and I didn’t come up with anything too helpful so I’m turning to you guys!

Domo dat <3

Friend, you have come to the right place! As I’m currently on my tablet, I’m not really able to navigate the site to provide my normal slew of links, but the What Do I Do Now thread in Campfire is of particular note. This forum is chock full of resources!

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AHHH thank you ! i love you guys!

If you want more natural conversations, befriend a native speaker (lots of great, free language exchange sites out there). I thought I had a decent handle on things until I started speaking to Japanese people… lots of unlearning to do for casual conversation haha. Bonus points for befriending someone from the Kansai region. My friend in Chiba, I can catch a lot of what she says, but one of my friends from Osaka doesn’t hold back with 関西弁… sometimes I just don’t have a clue what she’s saying, but it gets easier with time.

Nb if you take this route, be prepared to get laughed at! But it’s totally worth it.

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