A bad month or so :(

hey guys, me again

not in my normal happy mood today, as i have spent the last month slowly losing memory of wanikani.
that’s right, i went on vacation!
sadly for me my parents took me away to Scotland to visit family for around 5 weeks with no wifi or access to wanikani, so i have slowly got worse and worse :frowning:

its made me so sad, i feel largely depressed that all my hard work has been tainted and my level 5 time is now 5 weeks with no progress. i’m just heart broken because i’m finding it hard to get back into it too :frowning: so hearing from u guys would make my night, any tips to get back into the grind, words of encouragement or animal gifs would be amazing. love u guys already <3

sorry for not being as upbeat as normal, back to regular schedule soon :frowning:

see ya!


About three months ago, I went to my younger sisters wedding and took a week off. Instead of using vacation mode right at the beginning of it i tried to do it every night and it just wasn’t happening. Finally, with about 300 review items piled up I put it on vacation mode…not fun to come back too which made me take even longer to get restarted. Took me a long time to struggle back into the groove but I am back and learning consistently again. Remember, that learning a language takes time and commitment. I know, that I am not capable of doing this program in 1 to 2 years like many who have and for me that is fine! I am here for the process and love seeing the progress over time. Keep at it, and if its just reviews for now while you get back in the saddle that is still success! がんばります!


It’s a marathon not a 100m race
Everyone hits a bump in the road sometimes, not just about Japanese, that’s life
Also where were you hiding? I’m a regular at many threads and never saw you before :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you set your account to vacation mode before you left?

Of course, this doesn’t account for you actually “forgetting” what you have already learned, but I assure you, when you start again, the Kanji will come back. Just because you don’t remember it the first time it pops up after a long time, doesn’t mean it actually isn’t hiding inside your brain <3 Don’t worry so much about the early mistakes!

Instead of thinking of the negative aspects of falling behind in your studies, think about the good memories of your vacation with your family and your visit to Scotland! (I really wish I could travel to Scotland someday!)

It takes years to become amazing at Kanji anyways, so take advantage of the time you could spend with your family, and maybe try to think of how to explain some things you did or experienced there in Japanese?

If you could see my chart, I happen to fall into the cracks for long periods of time as well, and at first it really upset me, but I realized I was just living my life and at those times, I had other things to do with my time that were more important.

Also, if you ever have a situation like this again (no wifi/wanikani access) you could also use an offline app, such as Anki or Kanjibox to practice Kanji, that way you don’t feel too guilty being away from the internet. <3

We are all rooting for you, so keep your head high and push through those reviews, regardless of your score, you will always improve! I believe in you! <3


There’s no shame in a reset. I reset after a 3 month break from level 8 to level 2. It was a good decision at the time, and I’d do it again. As I like to say, it’s not how fast you go, it’s whether you quit or not that will determine success or failure.


Hi there! :high_touch:

I’ve been on and off the wagon multiple times, and now I believe this is just part of the process, truly. I wrote a whole long post on this topic :sweat_smile::


It’s actually the other way around. :upside_down_face: Let’s rewrite this:

All my hard work has been enhanced by my vacation. Taking time to travel, visit family and get a break from the internet served as a health boost for my brain, so now I’m in a better position to progress in my studies.



You can do it! Just take it a little bit at a time if you are feeling overwhelmed.

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Edit: I guess I don’t know how to embed GIFs, sorry. :confused:


Don’t let your feelings get your down. We all have setbacks. Take in what went wrong and what can you do to prevent this next time, such as putting WK on vacation mode or supplementing with other materials(offline apps, books or even writing the kanji down). The important part is to learn from past mistake and move on focusing on the future rather than past mistakes. You might also want to consider resetting if you’re struggling during your reviews.There’s not shame in resetting or going back a few levels if you need it.

I studied Japanese a long time ago and didn’t study for 10 years. I basically had to start over and it was disheartening. This time I’m not giving up even though it has been challenging. I still have setbacks, but I pick myself and keep going forward.


Dude, please reword that to not include “sadly” and " i got to go to Scotland for free" in the same breath. I hope this did not stop you from appreciating it…you have your whole life to learn Kanji but people eventually stop paying to take you to amazing places for free…

Sorry having a bad night, not my usual upbeat self,
Don’t worry, if you don’t do any new lessons you’ll get back to where you were in no time…


Aye, what I wouldn’t give to be on Islay, sippin’ on a dram next to a bonnie lass…


Well Bruno is now marrying Kanji so I guess I’m available…

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Bring Fergs along! I want to meet the Bonecrusher.

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Fergus would LOVE to see Scotland…his roots…

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his family at the old castle, good old uncle Angus, he’s next to the gold one…

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Ahh, I’m not the only one!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did the same exact thing and I now have a ton up to burn because of my previous durtling, and I am frustrated that I’m forgetting so much. But I like the general consensus that the knowledge will return in time for those who take a break.

And I don’t have a random animal gif, so instead here’s a random food picture.

Best of luck!!




It sucks. I took a 2 week break myself at lvl 8 and had 600 reviews piling up, just did them anyway over two days or so. Just get on with the reviews, you’ll be fine, sure some will be forgotten, but they will reappear. That’s the beauty of SRS. You’ll be fine.

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Oof, I feel you, I went on vacation for a week with no Wifi, and a week is nothing compared to 5 weeks and if I went crazy, I can’t imagine how much pain and suffering you went through ;-;

My advice: just do your reviews, slowly but steadily and don’t do lessons until you get rid of them and have a low apprentice count. If you’re having trouble remembering them, don’t worry, fail the reviews, you’ll learn from your mistakes, and, as many others have said, don’t give up, remember the reason why you started learning Japanese and 頑張って!!

also, I’d say welcome to the community cuz it’s the first time I see you round here, but apparently this is not your first post so * shrugggz*

and an animal gif, as requested:

In Love Cat GIF

may some cat huggzzz and kissezz guide you through your reviews!!!


WaniKani is great. But sometimes it’s good to take a vacation from everything, even WK! Without having any way of knowing, I bet Koichi & the almighty Crabigator are proponents of utilizing vacation mode rather than trying to sneak in reviews instead of unwinding.

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If 5 weeks is making hard-won progress slip away, 5 weeks plus 1 day will be even worse! :muscle:

Your soul is already in the clutches of the Crabigator. You will never get away. You may as well accept now that you cannot get away from the kanji and get started on some reviews. :crabigator: