Glitch for a vocab word?

So I haven’t been apart of WaniKani for long so I’m not sure if I have a glitch or something but I am on level 4 now. I’ve done all the radicals, kanji, and some of the vocab; however, there is 1 vocab word (winter) in the previous level that has not come up at all for me to review yet so it says like 68/69. Is this a glitch? If so, how can I fix it? Thank you.

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Hi @Myriv
A couple of things that would help for troubleshooting:

  • Are you using Web Browser Scripts?
    **If so, does the same issue occur with them turned off?
    **what scripts are you using?
  • How long since you last got a review for the Winter Vocab?
    ** have you just reviewed it enough times that the time between the next review is not due yet?
    ** if you go to the page for the vocab - WaniKani / Vocabulary / 冬 what does it say at the very bottom for when your next review date is?

And report back if there is a useful screenshot you can put up as well.

Let’s see if we can get this solved for you! :grin:

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Hello! Thanks for responding. So I am not using any scripts at all (when you say scripts I assume you mean the custom stuff you can add to Wanikani). To answer your other question, nothing shows up at the bottom for Winter because the vocab word for Winter is locked. I haven’t got to review it at all, yet I am almost through level 4. So I am not sure how to fix this. If a screenshot is needed I can potentially send one later once I get off work. Thank you again for responding back!

what about the kanji for winter (in level 3)? Since it’s in the last level you might not notice if 冬 isn’t at Guru yet.


It looks as though the kanji for winter in level 3 is at Apprentice. Does it have to be at Guru before I can unlock the vocab for winter in level 3? Sorry I am new to all this, thank you for the help.

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Yes it does.
Here is the KB article related to that - Unlocking Vocabulary Lessons | WaniKani Knowledge

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Understood, thank you both!

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No worries!

がんばって!keep at it :wink:

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