Mistake in level 60?

The lesson page for 漣 doesn’t include any vocabulary words!


It’s not a bug, there just isn’t any vocabulary listed with the kanji. I can check with the content team though to see if there are any intentions to add any in the future.


You’ve done a good job adding in names which I much appreciate! :bowing_woman:


Oh ok! To my memory it’s the only kanji in the whole Wanikani program not to include any vocabulary with it so I thought it was a glitch (because the dictionary indicates a few words it’s used in). Thanks!


Oh, did they finally start doing that? I’ll have to check it out.


For usability, if there are no examples, the Examples tab should not be clickable or the text on the Examples tab should say “No examples are available” instead of saying “Here is a glimpse…”

All that said, I would be lucky and excited to maybe one day see this page


If we lived in a universe where the crabgator was not our benevolent ruler.


Not relevant to what the thread is really about, but when I saw the title I thought about the possibility of WK teaching incorrect information on late levels, to see if you’re dependant on them or if you have more than 1 日本語 learning resource.

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Piggybacking on that, you can always check online dictionaries for vocab if you aren’t getting it here. WaniKani doesn’t encompass all Japanese or all Kanji for that matter…

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On the page for the kanji it says:
Currently there are no vocabulary in our databases that utilized the kanji. Don’t fret! We will have vocabulary available soon!
So I’m sure something will be added soon. By soon, I mean probably before the release of eto eto (shortly before the heat death of the universe) and slightly after everything else :wink:


Hoo, boy, we’re never going to let Koichi live that down are we? :laughing:


Hey, so the content team got back to me on this and told me that even though there are no obvious names or vocabulary words they wanted to add, the kanji is still useful to know as it was used in names from a specific period of time. This may change in the future but it isn’t really a priority at the moment.

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