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I’ve started Wanikani and have been really enjoying it thus far. The one thing is that I noticed some words not being taught. What I mean is that I’ll level up but still see gray words from the previous lesson. I just finished level five and noticed how it didn’t teach me over 15 different words. Will It teach me those words in the future? Or does, for some reason, leave out certain things?
Sorry if this doesn’t make sense of if this is a stupid question.
Thank you!

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You only unlock vocab once you’ve guru’d the kanji associated, and you can level up without guruing all the kanji. But yes ultimately all those vocab will be unlocked and dumped on your lesson pile.


Each level has 2 phases:

  • You’ll get kanji and vocab of that level already in the lessons the moment you level up.
  • You’ll need to guru certain items (the radicals and kanji from that level) in order to unlock the missing items that you’re talking about.

The 1st happens when:

  • You already know all radicals that a kanji of your current level uses, leading to the kanji getting unlocked as you level up.

The 2nd one happens when:

  • There’s a radical or a kanji missing for you to know all the pieces of a certain kanji/vocab, so the latter won’t unlock until then.

This helps explain why usually one needs to guru the radicals, then more kanji get unlocked, then one gurus the kanji left (more than 90%) and then levels up.

Let me know if I wasn’t clear enough :slight_smile:


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