Getting reviews wrong when you know the correct answer (muscle memory)

Hey Community,

It might just be me but does anyone else get a bit frustrated on occasion when you are trying to power through reviews … you see a Kanji or vocabulary you instantly recognize and know but then your fingers totally betray you and type な instead of ま (just an example …m and n right next t each other on the keyboard) in the word and hit enter without checking because you are so sure you are correct.

… then your heart sinks a little because you know that this word you guru’d is gonna keep popping up for a while now because of your impatience and annoying fingers that seem to think they know better.

Oh, also I use the Flaming Durtles app when I’m commuting for reviews and sometimes I end up entering the wrong kana because I have an annoying galaxy s10+ with the wrap screen and my other hand somehow also contributes to character input …

Yes I know it’s my fault for not being attentive enough to notice the error but I was just wondering if anyone else has similar experiences?


Yes, it still happens to me even these days. I don’t like it but I deal with it. It didn’t end up slowing my progress to level 60 in any significant manner.

You can use scripts and apps to undo these kind of mistakes.


I ended up installing the double-check (?) script because of that. (Plus being able to mark myself right when I enter a synonym that isn’t included that I’d yet to add as a user synonym.) Does Flaming Durtles have that functionality? I’ve got an iPhone so I use Tsurukame, and it’s got an “allow cheating” setting that works the same way, and I’ve got that turned on. I make so many typos, it’s not even funny (especially on my phone, even when I’m trying to type carefully)


Thanks for the info enbyboiwonder …I’m going to check if the app has this feature :slight_smile:

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Thanks TheCodingFox,

Nice to know that someone who has made it all the way to 60 has experienced similar challenges! :slight_smile:

I don’t recommend it if mobile is the only way you engage with WK but you can use Anki mode on WK if you’re willing to be SUPER honest about your answers.

It does, I’m not sure how you enable it, but you can able an undo button button for when you get an item wrong:

I’ve looked through the advanced settings, managed to make it so that nothing is marked as correct or wrong unless you wrap up the session or finish it. That way if you get something wrong you can abandon the session and it’ll be like nothing was done, SRS stage left unchanged. Couldn’t find the undo button, this was the closest I managed, but it can be annoying if you get like everything right, but mistakenly get something vital wrong and you have to redo every item just so you can fix that one.

You can enable the undo button on Flaming Durtles by going to Settings → Enable advanced settings → Other advanced settings → Set “Special button 1 behaviour (or 2, 3)” to “Undo and retry immediately” or any other of the options


I got a new phone and let’s say it took me a while to find that damn “undo” button again :smiley: But I need it.

I used Tsurukame for all of WK and made heavy use of the autocorrect feature. But in order to compensate for that, I would say the meaning and reading for each item I came across out loud and I was very strict on marking it wrong if I missed either, no matter what the actual review was asking for.

I use anki mode in flaming durtles to avoid typing wrong and save time.

For the sake of my sanity, I ended up using Kiwi Browser on my mobile with Tampermonkey extension and “double check” user script installed. I had “brain fart” moments too many times for 王女 vs 女王 just because I was distracted while rushing a review :confounded:

Of course it requires us to be discipline with ourselves. If we end up brute-forcing an item, obviously the item hasn’t sticked well enough. To me, there’s no point in passing one review if in the end I still haven’t properly remembered the item.

That’s why I use the double-check script. I’m strict with myself. I only change the answer when it’s a legitimate typo or I disagree with wanikani’s synonyms. If I mistake the word with another and I know both words just fine, I keep the answer marked wrong.

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