Getting every answer wrong, can't work out how to change katakana back to hiragana

Sorry for the silly question, but I honestly can’t work it out.

I was using the unofficial wanikani app until today because the update appears to have broken quite a few things, so now I am accessing the wanikani site directly on my phone browser, but for some reason I can only type katakana characters and not hiragana. This is causing me to fail every review, how do I change it?

Usually it inputs katakana when you have caps lock switched on, and you need to switch it off to get hiragana. Has that been the case?


Ahhhh that worked! Thanks! I’ll just have to work out how I can change the keyboard to not auto capitalised on the first letter of every word.

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After searching for a while I found this setting under my phone’s keyboard settings. Maybe your device has something similar?

yep. turned it off now. as you can see with this message, haha.

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