Why is this wrong? (Or: the unexpected effects of the caps lock key)

So, I went to do something else on my computer while I was doing a Wanikani review, but I left the caps lock key on after I finished it. Then, without thinking, I answered a question with this result.

So, Katakana is entered when capital letters are entered, and hiragana is entered when lowercase letters are entered. So my question is “Why was this marked wrong if the hiragana “da” and the katakana “da” are pronounced identically?”

Also, how much leeway will Wanikani grant you in terms of katakana vs hiragana input here? I don’t want to do anything that could make one of my answers wrong, so I don’t want to try “experimenting” with hiragana vs katakana input.

If this is too petty of a topic, I ask for your forgiveness. I’m just kind of bitter about the fact that I actually remembered this one for once and only got it wrong because I had my caps lock on.

None. WK expects only hiragana as the answer for reading. What you entered does not match what it expected so it marked it wrong.

There’s the katakana madness userscript if you want on readings to be shown as katakana on the UI. It will even display it in the input field as well.


I find it annoying too. The best answer is to either give no katakana or install scripts.

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