Getting caught at work while doing reviews

My manager at work just caught me doing reviews. He said if i will ever do that again he’ll fire me & told me to do some useful things instead. Does anyone else here have had this kind of experience. Please share.


I guess people can share their own experience but that’s not gonna change your boss’s mind.


Have you considered this:


. My boss would just take that whole damn thing off & still i will be busted.:smile:

Try and get an assignment that has to do with Japanese, then you can chalk it up to work preparation.

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Cyber-bludging is when you are doing non-work-related online activities during the boss’s time. Someone needs to design a wanikani skin that looks like an Excel spreadsheet.


Holy crap, harsh! I practice Japanese at work sometimes, but I live in Japan and I work at a school and my co-workers know I have occasional downtime. They’re probably 1) glad I’m not bothering them and 2) more interested in looking busy themselves.


In the rare circumstance it seems to bother people I use work spaces (virtual desktops) or browser tabs to hide things. At my last job I would keep a document or my email open and just ctrl+w to close the tab when someone walked in. If I had enough stuff open to clutter up the tab bar then sometimes I’d just ctrl + # to switch to my email or something.

That said, I find it really annoying when that person goes to the toilet for a half hour to play with their phone (often several times a day), but I’m not allowed to browse during my downtime… at my desk… where I’m ready to respond to anything on the spot. If I’m obligated to be here please don’t punish me for you inability to schedule things. This is why I hate hourly jobs /rage.

I think the worst one was that I had a “security” job manning a gateway for a warehouse. The night shift was always dead after the first two hours and we didn’t even have a monitoring duty, just a scheduled walkaround every couple hours. Still not allowed to do anything while waiting /rage.


I suppose I’m lucky enough to work in an office that:

  1. Is a Japanese-company
  2. Gives me a ton of downtime
  3. Is super-chillax with how I use that downtime

I spend my time between being able to get reports done (since we have to rely on people at other locations to get their stuff together before we can continue our work) by practicing my Japanese. This is the first time I’ve used Wanikani at work, but usually I use my little “Essential Kanji by P.G. O’Neill” book and “Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese Grammar” app on my phone to study. Not only have I not received any complaints so far, but I’ve even been offered the possibility of a paid internship at the Japanese offices if I stay on for a year (but that’s because of my work ethic and skill, not my use of downtime to learn Japanese).

Honestly, it really sucks that you’re getting singled out like that, but I suppose it depends on the job you have. Just use the bathroom and bring your phone (or laptop if you don’t mind looking like a creeper). No one will bother you then, and if they do, that’s a harassment report to HR!


Same, or I’ll have a “work browser window” and a “non work browser window” and Alt+Tab to the work one when someone comes in :stuck_out_tongue:


Use the “Wanikani SFW” script - it removes all the coloration and you can shrink things down to the point of looking like just another window. Sorry, I don’t have a link handy, but I think you can find it with a search.

I do reviews at work as a break or as a filler for dead time… there’s not a lot of time invested, but using the SFW script just eliminates raising any eyebrows. …and I have traveled to Japan 6 times with my current company, so there’s that.

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My boss has caught me doing reviews at work. She just asked how my studies were going and we talked about that for a bit… but I have the coolest and nicest boss ever. I always feel guilty when I’m caught, though, because even if it’s a super slow day there’s probably something work-related I could find to keep myself busy with. >.>

Thanks for that, everyone at work can see my computer (including the security cams) and I always wish WK was less… obvious.

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we need a command line wanikani

I got caught doing wanikani, lurking in these forums, watching all kinds of youtube videos, freelancing, viewing memes. Everything seems cool so far.


holy shit a command line wanikani would be amazing


Could always try this

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I work as an application developer so I have a lot of build times which I just have to wait on. I usually just leave my reviews for that time. It is a pretty lenient work environment though.

Relevant xkcd:


About the command line wanikani: I just tried lynx, but it doesn’t work. Too bad

Not that I need it so much. I still think WK is awesome.

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I keep a spreadsheet open to keep track of the kanji and vocab, like a reference. I just switch to that (or if the owner is in, I have an actual spreadsheet up too). Boss doesn’t really care. You just have to be more subtle about it if you can.

I work with a web developing company so compiling doesn’t take that long. Just browser reload-time.