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Hi there!

I stopped reviewing for like 2 weeks… I had to.
Now I’m back and I’m trying to do all the possible review I can, every day.

The problem is:
The more review I do, the more I get… It’s impossible like this.

Is there any way to stop new reviews to come out for some days, while I recover from the past days?

Thanks a lot.

P.S.: I find really strange that WK is not considering more than 500 reviews too much to add 50 more per day, anyway.


What you can do is use the Ultimate Reorder script which allows you to first review the older kanji and vocab (in the hope that you know them better than the new ones, and that their review intervals are longer already). Then you can climb up level by level and get more and more reviews where the intervals are shorter.

WK does not have a mechanism like that. It just gives you those that are due at any moment in time. Ultimately you are responsible for this, which of course is a double-edged sword (many people are very happy about it, but in situations like yours, it will punish you). To avoid this in the future, a good way is to keep an eye on the Apprentice level items, and to keep them below 100. This way, there will not be such a huge review avalance in the future.


if you know beforehand that you’ll have to pause you can of course use vacation mode. otherwise the only way is to not do lessons for now and work away at your review pile. so what if it’s currently a big number; don’t let that intimidate you. if you stop adding items and have decent accuracy to push everything to a higher SRS the number of reviews will eventually go down.

i second the point about apprentice items above me. it’s usually a good indicator for when to begin to add lessons again - once your review pile is down to zero, which, granted, will probably take a while, because you have to compensate for two weeks of not wanikani-ing. most people here have been there i think :sweat_smile:

  • Take breaks.
  • Do the reviews in chunks.
  • Don’t be pressured to do them as soon as they come out.
  • Don’t worry too much about accuracy (I still have some “leeches” from levels 4/5)

This is something that for sure It’s not working… can’t be inteded.
No teaching method can work by adding just stress.

There’s a pile of reviews to work on… I came back to work on it and you still double the quantity?
Well I found another thing that I can’t really enjoy about WK.

The method works if you do your reviews every day. They stress it off enough in all their level up email you got and may have read (if you haven’t, go read them).
That’s on you. Don’t blame the system if you do not understand how it works (and you obviously don’t).


I can blame what I want.
I can expect more than some well written mails since I pay for a method to help and not stress me unnecessarily.

Your answer is just toxic.

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I’m not mature enough because I expected an option for handling this kind of problem?

Oh my…
It’s made for an average person… so an average person is the one that for one year or two will never have breaks, right?
Sure sure.

Vacation mode is ok when you expect this to happen man… but unlike “average people” my life is sometimes unpredictable.

Maybe I should’ve informed myself better before paying… anyway success came from feedbacks and not from people accepting the status quo in silence.

And I’m adding…
Insulting me and judging me, is toxic.

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It takes less than a minute to log in quickly and turn on vacation mode if you realize you won’t be able to do reviews today. So there is a fix for your “problem” that requires 20 seconds of your time. If you don’t use it that is on you. The vacation mode makes some kind of automatic stop after a certain review count unnecessary. Besides even if they had that you’d probably complain that they set the stop after 1000 reviews and you feel already stressed when you only have 500. That is the amount of reviews some people do regularly in two days.

Your complaining about having bought something that “was supposed to help you” and acting surprised about something that everybody knew and that was continuously told to you is immature. It’s like complaining that the shoes you bought are red when you have been wearing them for three months and they didn’t magically change their color.


I like your style @Ducklingscap

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I’m not going to comment on the thread itself but I do have one option.
Maybe you can reset a couple levels?
That will remove a lotof your reviews and let you get back on track very quickly. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:


No all products is made for anyone. The core of the system is spaced repetition system.
Of course you will get back the reviews even if you do no action, this is what it is about.

Yes. And that’s not restricted to WK, you should do it for most of the actions you do in life.
WK (and more globally SRS learning) may not be for you, but learn from that experience and keep it in mind, it will help you daily.

The OP clearly wasn’t aware of vacation mode before… Now they are. No need to pile on.


Getting a ton of reviews happens. When it happens people must find a way out of it. This is WK life.

The usual solution is to stop doing lessons until the reviews are back under control because doing lessons adds to the reviews. Then if you do a set number of reviews everyday the pile will gradually go down because once the items reach more advanced SRS stages they take a longer time to coma back as reviews. It will take a while but eventually everything will be back under control and you are able to resume doing lessons.


No problem with that.
Nobody told I’m not going to do reviews…

Someone is using the frist three levels as an example for “hundred reviews” experience :rofl: when you get like 10 reviews per day.

People are a bit repressed maybe, dunno, too many times doing reviews can make people aggressive?

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I’m studying the Kanji outside of WaniKani to get back on my level.
I forgot some, but I don’t want to reset levels.
If I will have no choices I’ll do it anyway… just trying to avoid it.


I don’t think you need to. Just stop doing lessons and keep doing some reviews. The pile will whittle down with time.


Indeed… that’s what I’m doing.
I’m reordering from radicals and also burning some stuff now.

Using addons is really cool in this situation.

I see :slightly_smiling_face:
I got into a big rut after reaching 60 (Over 3000 reviews because I let all my burns build up…)
But I also didn’t want to reset, and I made it through. So I have faith you will too ^0^/ good luck :crabigator: :heart: