Reviews at odd hours?!

All hail the Crabinator!

Who else have reviews at odd hours of the day? My next review is at 6 AM on Saturday morning!? I am all for waking up early (walk my dogs in the morning around 7) but during weekends some goodforsaken freaking sleep would be nice.

Pardon the grumpy tone. Overly exhausted from work, school, keeping up with WK/Japanese and no sleep or coffee or red bull and coffee seem to cure the constant zombie like state of being/existing which is ever present.

How does the algorithm work with reviews?:coffee:

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So just do your reviews when you wake up. Why do you think you have to do them the moment they appear?

This article explains the SRS intervals that WaniKani uses. Note that anywhere it says one day or longer is actually one hour less than it says (e.g. 2 days is actually 1 day and 23 hours).


Thank you :star:

Because if you dont the time between reviews will be longer?

But lack of sleep is detrimental to retention and learning, so level-up speed shouldn’t necessarily be your top priority. :slight_smile:

As @seanblue mentions, there are 23 hour periods strewn in there. I was one to do my lessons around 08:00, so then the reviews drifted to pop quite early.

There are those that set alarms to wake up at all hours of the night to do reviews. If that worked for them, it worked, but I’d say it’s swings and roundabouts. Unless it’s the first interval, one or two hours difference shouldn’t be that big a deal, and good sleep is more of a pro than a con. And by the time your reviews drift to pop at 04:00, they should be high enough in the SRS that the few hours don’t matter. If you can review it after a month, you can review it after a month plus 3 hours.


Aye, if you always do your reviews the moment they become available, then about twice a week you’ll need to wake up at about 3am for reviews.

Actually, I’m idly curious as to the precise timing. Wonder if there’s a simple way to make a timetable without spending all day on it…


I consistently wake up early to do reviews. Often between 4:30 to 5:30 am I’m up and at 'em. But early morning is the only time I can do it with my schedule if I want to keep up my fast pace. I just go to bed earlier now.


Hey I’m one of those! I sleep with my phone close by and set the volume up so every time there’s a review I wake up to finish them and go back to sleep, I can’t say if that’s unhealthy or not but I do sleep 8-10hrs everyday and get up feeling fine and as a plus I don’t have a huge pile of reviews in the morning!

It’s kinda hardcore I guess, I did that for many months when I joined Wanikani in 2016 and I’m doing it again now, it was hard at first but as with everything you can get used to it.


The review times are determined by the time you did the previous reviews of those items. Over time, WaniKani adapts to your habitual schedule. In other words, it’s your fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

But the good news is, you can determine when the next review will be, by choosing when to do this one.


I would argue that 6 AM is even, not odd.


I was doing the same thing for fast levels but it was the opposite effect on me…

I really messed up my sleep schedule.
Okay no it’s still messed up.

I guess it’s a practice that people need to approach with caution :thinking:


I like your reasoning! Nice one​:star::star2::blush:


Well people already answered, so I’m gonna help you with this :eyes:


Hats of to you kind person. This is great!

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What the actual hell


That’s what I believe as well. Unfortunately, the best time I can do new lessons is usually around 7 pm. Which means getting the first review at 11 pm , totally fine! Problem is, if I have to do 40 lessons, and take my time, I may end up finishing the last ones at ~ 9 pm, and the first review end up at 1 a.m. I do it, but I’d very much like to do them at midnight at most…
And doing it in the morning works, but not as well (end I lose 8+ hours in my WK schedule).

Not sure if anyone has proposed this already, but I’d like a more flexible SRS. An “Advance review by one hour” button would be perfect for these situations…

I mean, I don’t know what studies have been carried out, but 3 hrs or 4hrs, 7 hrs or 8 hrs…Does it change that much?

That was seriously my first interpretation of the title. I thought someone was proposing of doing reviews at all odd hours, as a game or something…

Edit: Apparently “anticipate” is a false friend. “advance” / “give sooner” is what I meant.


It sounds to me like you’re taking WaniKani way too seriously.

If it’s really such an issue, look at the review scheduling and make sure you’re doing your reviews in a while that will fit into your schedule. The system isn’t choosing to have your reviews at 6 am, it’s based on you, friend.


@Belthazar or @trunklayer, can you send any nyaaaice pics of what you are doing?