Getting caught at work while doing reviews


Database corruption? (That you corrupted yourself.)

So I just have to know…the first thing you do after being told you will get fired for doing reviews is go to the forums to make a post about it?

Is your goal to get fired?


I thought the same thing!! :smiley:

Forums = Life


This is reminding me why I love working from home, with a flexible schedule :slight_smile:


This sounds about right. The best days are the days when the network is having issues so maven takes forever to import. Lots of free time then.

Koichi hits us with yard sticks if we get caught.


So you get hit for doing your job?




I would enjoy a Boss Key, but a 90s game styled Boss key where it just goes to a random DOS screen or Lotus 123.

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indeed! we do do !

Don’t take this the wrong way but, can’t you do it on your free time say during lunch, on your mobile? I used to work in a place with no PCs and did my reviews during commute time morning and evening and when it occured, during lunch


I do this too, I work retail but I do reviews during my 30 minute break (or during my bathroom breaks for really short reviews) on my cell phone. I use the mobile allicrab app personally because my fingers tend to slip and make really stupid typos on my phone, so that built in override script comes in handy.

Whoa, somebody needs to make this. Maybe I should make this…the API v2 looks pretty cool, maybe it’d be a cool excuse to try it…

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the api allows to submit answers to reviews?

Not sure actually, but it’d be quick to check.

we could PM viet for that feature request

Aww, looks like it’s only GET on resources, from what I can see.

That’s what they said in the past, it’s only GET.

But what about styling things so that it looks like command line/spreadsheets?..

what about a chrome extention to have wk in a sidebar/popup easy to hide when loses focus?

I don’t know if this still works or if it’s what you’re all looking for but…