Get Backers Anime Rerun Thread 🐍 ⚡

So, I’ve recently gotten a craving for this shounen anime classic: Get Backers.

I’m not really interested in making this a formal listening/watching club with a set schedule, but rather wanna go for the type of free format that @VisitsFromTheIsnt used for their Revolutionary Girl Utena rewatch. :slight_smile:

I’ll be posting my thoughts as I get through episodes and invite everyone that wants to watch along, comment and post as well! :high_touch:

A general note: to allow people to drop into the rewatch at their own pace, put each episode commentary in spoiler tags mentioning which episode you’re discussing and by using the cogwheel, either by using “Blur Spoiler” or “Hide Details”.

Both works fine. Just keep the surprises for the coming viewers to experience, while bringing on the commentary as much as you like! ^>^

Always remember that there are no stupid questions! Bring 'em on! I’m sure that together we can figure it out! :+1:

I hope there will be a few people that might find this old-school shounen anime a fun re/new watch! ^>^

Happy watching everyone!

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Welcome to the Honky Tonk Café where the pizza is always a great choice! :pizza:

Post any extras regarding Get Backers you would like to share. This post is a Wiki! :high_touch: But as usual, be mindful not to post spoilers without spoiler tags. :slight_smile:

Opening 1: Yuragu Koto Nai Ai

Yuragu Koto Nai Ai ~ Full Song by Tamura Naomi

Ending 1: Ichibyo no Refrain

Ichibyo no Refrain ~ Full Song by Otoha

Episode 1


Well, episode one is a traditional introduction episode of the characters as we get to meet and see the main character duo, but also a couple of the side characters. We’re already treated to some of the supernatural themes of the show, with Midou Ban’s crushing grip and ability to whisk people into dreamland, while Amano Ginji is a human electric eel. We also get a couple of shots suggesting he’s a gang leader of sorts.

I love how the animation switch between good quality shounen and cutsey animation on a whim. :grin: no need to take it too seriously!

Also, we have the main customer of the episode to immediately turn into a returning character working part-time at Honky Tonk where Ginji and Ban hang out! ^>^ The bar master remains a mystery dude! :eyes:

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(Typo in title? Tread instead of Thread? ). :slightly_smiling_face:


I thought this was a joke, but I have apparently influenced this small corner… From now on I should be careful before I invoke the power of Dios! As for the show, it looks interesting, a little like Cowboy Bebop. Looking up a summary, it seems one of the main characters has an attack called “Snake Bite”. I’m in (maybe).


Thanks! I completely missed that one! :blush:

He’s clearly a relative of yours! :wink: :snake:

If you feel up to it, you’re very welcome to join! :green_heart:


Episode 2


More social realism themes in this episode, as Ban and Ginji end up sleeping rough. They are given food and shelter at the place of a homeless old man. Turns out he has something he desperately wants to get back: his daughter. Or rather, he really wants to apologize to her for loosing his company which lead to him no longer being able to provide for her and them loosing their home. The daughter is now at the home of a yakuza boss and needs rescuing.

Now for the plot-twist: Stockholm syndrome! The daughter has found a new life living with the yakuza boss, and is adamant about not wanting to see her dad who she blames for her past misfortune. Obviously, the one to blame for her father’s failed business is actually the yakuza, who set dad up and put the company out of business. The daughter gets a very rough wake-up call as it’s all spelled out to her.

final spoilers

Ban and Ginji does their thing and it’s very satisfying to see the yakuza get beat up! :innocent:

This being a feel-good show doesn’t mean the plot is sugar sweet. I love that the daughter doesn’t leave with Band and Ginji, even after all she now knows. She clearly has to take some time to think about her life before making a decision, not by having Ginji make it for her. And the father’s heart problems means he’s in a dangerous situation as well. The ending is left open for interpretation: Did the father actually get to meet his daughter one last time, or did Ban use the Jagan on him?

I’ve been interested in watching this before, so I might try to follow along. I can probably only watch a couple episodes a week, though.

I love the opening for this show and it seems like it’s not going to be too difficult to follow.

Episode 1 Comments

This show is pretty goofy so far. It’s funny how much they switch back forth between being cute and manly. They’re character designs are pretty funny too, with their really long shirts and stuff. My favorite part was when the evil policeman was looking up presumably all the Natsumis in the city on his computer to try to find out who the girl was.

I’m looking forward to watching more episodes!

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Glad to have you onboard! :high_touch:

I think the character design are super early 90s. Like they got inspired by that time, but then supercharged it to exaggeration! XD Ban’s gravity-defying hairstyle and shirt are great stuff. :grin:


I had to check Anime News Network, and it seems like the manga was published in 1999. By then people were not wearing stuff like this, so it is a retro look. XD The anime originally aired 2002-10-05 to 2003-09-20. :slight_smile:

About the switch between the “serious character design” and “kawaiification” (?) :joy: of Ginji

pics without spoilers


it’s very unique. But, nowadays, you do get something similar though less obvious in many shows. Usually, it’s like a simplification of the drawing style, no real details and just showing the most basic emotion? :thinking:

But here, it’s like a full transformation in size and shape and everything! :rofl: So, yeah, it’s pretty unusual. But it helps break the tension or serious tone of certain scenes, and it’s like, “let’s not take it all too seriously?” ^^; I don’t know.

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@korrtg would you want a vocab list to go with this club? I could easily set one up if you’re interested, but I think it might not be that necessary for my own needs. :slight_smile: Just let me know and I’ll gladly oblige. Any other suggestions are equally welcome. :high_touch:

Episode 3 thoughts


Well, this episode is clearly ramping up the stakes of this show. We’re introduced to a different categories of characters. While Ban and Ginji are “Get Backers” - retrieving items for their clients as their job - at the start of this episode, we meet 運ぶ屋: people who’s job is to deliver items for their clients. It’s clearly set up for a grand confrontation as Ban and Ginji are roped into retrieving an item already en route to its destination! :grin:

Three new characters are introduced: Lady Poison, Akabane/Dr Jackal and Mr No-break :articulated_lorry: Let’s just call him Truck-kun! :rofl:

I almost forgot the third job-type in this world: 仲介屋: an intermediary finding people to take on jobs for their client. This one brings the eye candy for sure! :blush:

Well, Ban and Ginji being as broke as always, reluctantly find themselves with a clearly wealthy client. They’re to retrieve something of immense value clearly! :money_mouth_face: What could go wrong?

Watching this episode I just realized that Nobuo Tobita is the voice of Akabane. Such an old school seiyuu, much like Midou Ban’s Nobutoshi Canna. Canna-san is such a character really in interviews and free talks. He’s exactly the kind of colleague you’d love doing afterwork with, dropping jokes and banter. :grin:

Mr. Crabs is that you? :crab: :rofl:

Well, this show might not show overt carnage, like many shows after, but it is a rather mature show. I totally forgot now serious the tone got at times. Not all of the show and animation ages just as well, but it still strikes a note for me rewatching these two teams duke it out!

Edit: aaah, cliffhanger! I guess, I’ll watch another! :woozy_face:

Episode 4, thoughts
Things are starting to get serious indeed. these “transporters” are not to be trifled with, clearly!

Discourse trashed my post. :C

I’ll see if I post something more about ep 4-5. In any case, I really enjoyed this mini-arc and the new characters that got introduced. :9

I love that the character designs are retro by, like, a few years, haha. You gotta love that spiky anime hair!

I agree that the kawaiification is unique, although it’s not super uncommon. I’m appreciating how all out they are going with making it silly but it’s also high stakes at times.

Episode 2 Discussion

The transition between finding out that the yakuza ruined this guy’s life, feeling a bit apprehensive to help and then running straight to the yakuza house was pretty funny. I wonder if Ban and Ginji are going to get shot in every episode or if it’ll be more occasional in the future.

I didn’t think about the possibility that maybe the old guy’s daughter didn’t actually leave and it was just Ban’s powers making it look like she was there. It kind of made you wonder if the daughter would be better off staying with the yakuza than she would be trying to figure things out with her father…

I don’t think a vocab list is needed for me either, but you’re welcome to make one if you later decide to. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m pretty new to forum posting and I don’t know how to quote just part of a reply on here, so sorry if my reply looks messy! And I figured it out after typing this. Yippee! :smiley:

Glad to hear your thoughts. You can always change your mind later.

For quoting, just use your cursor to mark off any text you wanna quote and then a pop op should allow you to quote that text. OR you can just “reply” to the post, and in that you’ll see a “speech bubble”. Clicking that will get you the whole thing and then you can delete as you want to make it more specific.

using the latter method, might unlock some rather interesting things from replies that seems rather odd on these forums. :eyes:

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Episode 3 Discussion

It was nice to get introduced to more of the characters who are in the opening in this episode. There’s some higher stakes in this job as well, with a ton of money on the line and scary bad guys!

It was good that none of the characters ended up getting seriously hurt after driving off of cliffs or almost driving off of cliffs!

The ポイズンパフューム attack is an interesting concept, as conveniently only the target will smell the poison. Like, how did it not end up wafting into the truck while they were driving…? It’s only about intention, because it’s magic, I guess!

I hope they can find the platinum (I think that’s what they think they’re looking for) in the next episode!!

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Lol, that’s quite right! :joy: There have been other anime characters with perfume attacks for sure, but it all sounds really unreliable and it stretches the imagination for sure. Then again, we have other unexplained powers in this series, so I guess, you just have to roll with it. :grin:

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Episode 4 Discussion

I really enjoyed the direction they took with this episode! It was high drama and I was expecting them to just give up going for the box. Sounds like the transporters are going back to it in the next episode, though.
Also, Himiko talks fast! I had to rewatch the part where she’s talking about Ban’s powers, but it sounds like he can only use it 3 times a day…and only every 24 hours on one person…? My guess for how they could add a twist to them knowing this information is that he was lying about its limits.
We’ll find out!!

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I love when there are set limits like this. It a great set up for various plot twists for sure! :grin:

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Episode 6 thoughts


New characters appear and they seem to be connected to Ginji! :eyes:

Also, Midou Ban has his solo depute :joy: This one was not expected!


Just a thought, but when under cover, how about changing one’s hairstyle? :sweat_smile: Then again, back in the 90s, hair gel and loads of spray where the holy grail of hair styling. :joy:

I guess, this is another mini-arc! So more cliffhangers ahead!

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I watched episodes 5-7 the past couple of days. I don’t really remember episode 5 that much at this point.

Episode 5

All I remember is that they did all of that work for translucent slices of melon!!!

Episode 6 Discussion

Enter the Beast Master!! What an awesome and silly power. Releasing that lion in the middle of the violin performance was something!! I somehow thought that this story was going to be one episode long, but boy are there a lot of twists and turns!

Episode 7 Discussion

They get the violin back! Mission accomplished! Or is it…?
It bothered me that the violinist guy didn’t give her the bow with the violin…?
Anyways, the girl’s butler is evil and Ginji’s old friends are also evil…but then they’re good…? I kind of had a hard time following their intentions because they want Ginji to come back, but then they also have their own job in this operation, but then they give it up…? I think that’s what happened…maybe there will be more clarity about this in the next episode.

I wonder how much time they spend on their hair already. With the amount of effort and skill that would go into getting all those spikes, maybe it’d be good for them to change it up sometimes with some slicked back hair, haha.

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I had time off work, then I got back into it…and got distracted by games - after my 2+ (?) hiatus. Still, tonight I’m back to watching GetBackers as it’s been on my mind lately.

Episode 6

Here the GetBackers are to retrieve a stolen Stradivarius violin (lol, habit made me write Stradivarious, the nonexclusive cousin of the very expensive line of violins. :rofl: ) from a Classical music competitor to the blind client girl. There’s a lot to do with Ban using up his eye-contact powers, but really, he seems like the strategist of the duo. :eyes:

I do like Ban as the Badass character, while Ginji is our happy-dude-type! :slight_smile: Easy to bond with. While both are soft enough to bond with easily, no issue. XD

@korrtg I like the Beast Master, ngl. Even as unbelievable as his power is. How did he come by it! XD He’s introduced to be both relatable, with the scene with the violin girl, but also someone that is viciously on Ginji’s side, to the point that Ban is a target! :eyes:

Episode 7

to be continued…

Well, I can’t really make out the name-dropping session. :sweat_smile:

well the interesting characters are the butler…