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Hey there, sorry if there’s a category for this or an already existing post, I looked for it and couldn’t find anything that answered my question.

i’m using for my SRs. This website is awesome. I’m using it for wanikani reverse and I’m finding myself very good by studying the same items with a couple weeks of delay, this is helping me better memorizing everything and also with the recall thing.
I begun studying on genki 1 a week ago and wanted to get an SRS for its vocabs too, so I downloaded the genki deck on but I don’t like using it the way its structured because it forces me to do 3 kinds of repetitions: japanese to english ; vocal japanese to english and english to japanese (the only one I’m interested in). I hate this because, 1st - it takes me literally 3x the time to go thru all the reviews, and 2nd - If I want to test my recall, I can’t do that because I’ll almost always get presented the japanese to english version of any item first, which I can easily recognize, and this just turns the recall training into recognization training.
My question is, can I somehow change the settings of the deck to get only presented the eng-jap reviews? Or if not, is there an alternative that allows me to do what I want to do? Like other apps/websites

thanks all in advance and wish you a good day/night :raised_hands::pray::pray:

I love kitsun too: whether you can split up reading and meaning depends on the creator of the deck’s settings. Not trying to be unfriendly at all here but this is a wanikani forum, and you might have better luck looking through the kitsun forum (it’s called the den, you might consider reposting your question to it) - also this thread might be a place to start if you can’t quickly find what you’re looking for on the ‘deck settings’ option: How to copy community decks to personal? - #4 by clickysteve - Help - Kitsun Community

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Oh forgive my stupidity, I will do, and thanks for letting me know this. I’m not very used to forums, the wanikani one is the first one I join :sweat_smile:

This could definitely help! I’ll give it a try.

Thank you for the help :raised_hands: ありがとうございます

Go to the settings for that deck, then the layout filtering section. From there you can turn off the types of lessons/reviews you don’t want to do.

There is also a dedicated Kitsun topic on these forums if you have further questions and don’t want to join the Kitsun forums.


Thank you this was the solution!! :pray::raised_hands:

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