Looking for an SRS for Genki vocab (with typing!)

Hi there!

I’ve recently picked up the first part of the Genki series and while studying I found out that using the traditional method of studying vocab (piece of paper over the translations and cram) doesn’t quite work for me anymore.

I was wondering if anybody knows of a program that utilises both SRS and a required keyboard input for the Genki vocab. I have tried Anki decks, but they seem to rely on thinking of the word in your head and noting down whether you remembered it or not. For me personally, I can remember words much better when I have to type them out.

Does anybody know any resources that can help me out? Thanks!

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Ignore me.

Kitsun.io is a general purpose SRS program like Anki, but online. It looks like one of the community decks has all the Genki vocab. You probably have to create an account to open the link I’m posting below. It looks like you’d have to input the answers for this deck, but I can’t be sure without trying it.



How is Bunpro going to help with Genki vocabulary?

I need to read slower, and focus. Skimmed and thought grammar. :zipper_mouth_face:

You can add the typing functionality to Anki. Just add " {{type:<field name>}} " to your card template vvv


Tools > Manage Note Types (or Ctr + Shift + N)
Select the note type that your cards are under (for me it’s " Type in ") and then click " Cards… "
Then format it to look like the sections I’ve highlighted

NOTE: {{type: " " ;}} (mine is " Answer And Type " ) should be the name of the field that the answer is in:

Hopefully that helps :upside_down_face:


There is a usermade deck for kitsun.io that is not too bad, all typing.
There are also some genki decks on memrise. By default memrise mixes questions but I remember a tamper monkey script that forced keyboard input questions, there is also one that removes the timer.

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This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

You’re welcome! Just be aware that sometime in the next few months it will become a paid application (to some extent at least). The creator is still working out the details.

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Another vote on Kitsun \o/

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Yep, I saw the post on the forum here! I saw that prices were given for anyone who registered before 19-08-2018, however not for any later registrations. Has the creator given any indication of those prices yet?

From what I’ve seen so far, I would be okay paying about 5$ a month for this, but I can’t imagine myself going any higher. Either way, thanks for the recommendation :)!

Hi, creator of Kitsun.io here, just chiming in to say that I’m currently aiming for 5$ a month although this isn’t completely certain yet :slight_smile:


To be fair, There are 3 original Genki apps for vocab, conjugation and kanji.
You’ve got flash cards with a sample sentence, audio, rules etc.
It’s supposed to have some kind of basic SRS in it.
I’m using the conjugation one now.
And it’s about $5 each.

This is what I use it’s an Anki deck for Genki styled to look like Wanikani, the template is by Hinekidori. I also use his 10k deck

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